All the sex you could want. /funny_pictures/661195/True+Test+of+Courage/<br /> also make sure to check these out<br /> /funny_pictures/66122/Differe marines corps SSgt PFC dr pepper
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All the sex you could want

All the sex you could want. /funny_pictures/661195/True+Test+of+Courage/<br /> also make sure to check these out<br /> /funny_pictures/66122/Differe

/funny_pictures/661195/True+Test+of+Courage/<br />
also make sure to check these out<br />
/funny_pictures/66122/Differences+in+Military/<br />
all made by me. totally original.

A new Marine, fresh from the School of Infantry, is on base. After
a long day in the hot sun, the young PFC asks his Staff Sergeant,
Staff Sergeant Wilkes, what is there to do on base during liesure time?"
SS gt Mikes turns to the young PFC and says, "Well, there' s plenty
to do ‘mend here. On the weekends you can drink all you want at our
not so uncommon parties" The Staff Sergeant continues and explains all
there is do. "And finally, and best of all, you get all the sex you could ask
This sparked the PFC 's interest, "all I want? how is this Staff
Staff Sergeant Wilkes points across the yard to a large wooden
where 3 Marines and 2 sailors are lined up. "You just stick yourself
through the hole in the side, and drop a dollar in once yeu' re done. And
you Can do this everyday but Thursday, kid"
PFC wonders, and then asks, "why not on Thursday, Sir?"
The Staff Sergeant laughs and pats him on the baek....
Thursday is your day in barrel, Marine“
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