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User avatar #569 - PedoSaur
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(07/27/2010) [-]
I love how you all think 4chan actually knows what Funnyjunk is.
User avatar #573 to #569 - PedoSaur
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(07/27/2010) [-]
and another problem is that if you post something saying "funnyjunk has awesome pictures" that would just be a downright lie, everything here, 4chan has already seen.
User avatar #587 to #573 - CabooseMichael
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(07/27/2010) [-]
I love the way you think.


And I don't see why people complain about reposts. I mean **** people, this is FunnyJunk, not Original_Comic_Drama_EgoJunk. This is a website where all the funniez from the internet are just thrown together for our viewing pleasure. Yes, there's reposts. ******* DEAL WITH IT. Many people have yet to see it, so just shut the **** up and move on. And 4Chan does NOT give a **** about us. We're like the squashed bug on the windshield of 4Chan. They're 10x better than us, and you know it. Instead of trying to make FJ like 4Chan, just ******* go to 4Chan and leave FJ alone. Everything that's been reposted here, has been reposted 41243534x on 4Chan. It's the internet, deal with it.

User avatar #599 to #587 - PedoSaur
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(07/27/2010) [-]
I bet you that if you were to post the Funnyjunk logo on 4chan, everyone would be like "What the ****"
If the internet was the Solar System, 4chan would be Earth, and Funnyjunk would be a random asteroid in the asteroid belt.
And I agree with the reposts thing, Funnyjunk is for finding funny stuff from all over the internet, and bringing it to one place, although I think we're failing pretty bad at that right now :/