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Zelda Facts 3

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W, ELDA: as
and it' s also the first game to evidence that the character Link; like Zelda, has multiple
join over the decades/ centuries.
3 - Link yells "Come on!" when he calls Maui, Malta, or a statue, This marked The Wind
Walker as the only canon Zelda game to date in which Link has spoken in actual words until
the release of Twilight Princess, in which Link can be heard yelling "!" as he rides
Emu In Zelda II; The Adventure of Link, a textbox does say "I found a mirror under the
table" at one point, but the Japanese version used no pronouns and is written in much the
same way as the "You got" speeches (that is, it' s from Links perspective, but not
him speaking). o to
4 - On the disc of the American version, the Hylian reads "Neruda no Densetsu
Kaze no Takuto," is the game' s name in Japan.
its - The sailing mechanic inspired the creation ofthe means of transportation seen in
the Nintendo Zelda games.
1 - This is the first game in which Link appears in human form shirtless (When
he learns to sumo wrestle).
2 - Many properties Princess appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl,
including the models of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, the Bridge stage, music,
trophies, and stickers.
3 - This is the only Zelda game that, when released, was available on 2 Nintendo
consoles - Gamecube and Wii.
4 - This is the very first Zelda game where the Octorok enemies are absent.
5 - When in Center Castle Town, Link can enter a door and walk up to a balcony, where a
Gown sees the golden force around Hyrule Castle. He admits that he has kept it "a secret to
everybody." - a reference to the first game.
1 - Phantom Hourglass is the first game in the Zelda series that does not include any new tools;
all the items have featured in previous Zelda games. y
2 - Only one item, other than the sword, can be used at a time, much like the older games in the
3 - Phantom Hourglass is alw the first, and currently only, so Zelda game to not include a
playable instrument; unlike its an predecessors.
4 - Like the first game in the series, Phantom Hourglass has a maximum of only 16 heart
containers. Its sequel, Spirit Tracks, has this same maximum.
5 - The postman in this game tells you not to shout him with a - a reference to
Animal Crossing, when you can hit the postman with your to speak to him.
Spirit Tracks
1 - Zelda plays a much bigger part in this game, acting as Links partner (A role previously
taken by Midna and multiple fairies).
2 - The train uses a similar routing system to the boat in Phantom Hourglass, but only the train
is limited to certain tracks.
3 - One of the improvments from Phantom Hourglass was that you no longer have to go
through the entire temple again to get another map.
4 - Phantoms in this game no longer have eyes on their backs, but skulls instead.
its - As with the previous game and the first game, a maximum of only 16 hearts are obtainable
in this game.
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