Real or Fake?. i got all pictures from this site: <br /> NEW part 3:<br /> Part 2: funnyj
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Real or Fake?

i got all pictures from this site: You need to login to view this link <br />
NEW part 3:<br />
Part 2: answers for the this picture at the bottom of this one!+10 thumbs for more

Air in use form I
Giant teams alligator
You decide whether
they are real or fake
RS. Let me
1 know if you
want me to give
you the answers
r in the out ones]
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Submitted: 07/23/2010
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#6 - octopiskull **User deleted account** (07/23/2010) [+] (6 replies)
the camel spider will haunt me forever, i don't care if i live in suburban america, it's going to find me, and eat me.
#86 - DarkSacrement **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [-]
The giant dog is fake. You see, the woman is out of the kitchen. Cant be real.
#77 - zomba **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#76 - anonymous (07/24/2010) [-]
hehehe phucket
#60 - zesaima **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [+] (1 reply)
first one is 2 camel spiders one is eating the other one
#103 - thatoneamerican **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [-]
sir this man put his wife in a coffee table after she died
well i guess you could say
*puts on shades*
it was a coffin table
#97 - Humpernicklez **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [+] (6 replies)
hey bout next time, give credit to the site u stole these from..and literally..straight from it..its so exact its scary :l [url deleted]
User avatar #87 - ILoveButter (07/24/2010) [+] (1 reply)
the iraqi bug is called a camel spider
#79 - Highwind **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [-]
The catfish is real, it was caught near my hometown.
#78 - anonymous (07/24/2010) [-]
I was waiting to see Justin Beiber with a Hard-On,then I would definitely know which one was fake!
User avatar #70 - blehdude (07/24/2010) [-]
Is it just me or does the giant house cat look like Longcat?
#67 - anonymous (07/24/2010) [+] (1 reply)
1st is real but everything has weird depth perception making them seem huge, the spiders are like 2-3 inches long each eating eachother
#68 to #67 - spitzu (07/24/2010) [-]
They can get much bigger than 3 inches long. I've hunted down a few champions for our arena :P
User avatar #57 - Jakolantern (07/24/2010) [-]
first ones real it's 2 camel spiders
User avatar #50 - patriotic canadian (07/24/2010) [-]
im fairly certain most are real

the bridge, camel spider, cat dog, fawn, tsunami and skeleton are all readl
#41 - skepticaltuber **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [-]
I'm pretty sure the giant human skeletons were fakes.
User avatar #104 - xcrazyxdingox (07/24/2010) [+] (1 reply)
first is a camel spider trust me there real
#100 - llaformer **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [-]
The first picture is a Camel Spider
User avatar #73 - lebronjamesxxiii (07/24/2010) [-]
lol **** it thailand
#42 - Kakemckake **User deleted account** (07/24/2010) [-]
...phucket, thailand.... I love the name...
User avatar #29 - kornchild (07/24/2010) [-]
is that lady in the coffee table fking dead?
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