4chan's EFG. Its new for an alternate ending then give 50+ thumbs i deleted over it because this ending seemed funnier P.S. enlarge www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pict
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4chan's EFG

Its new for an alternate ending then give 50+ thumbs i deleted over it because this ending seemed funnier P.S. enlarge www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/638001/4chan+s+EFG+2/

1279531447 was KB, Amman, EDGI on
Anonymous / no or no
I Ths looks per% 1 always men
LN; ‘y Anonymous 04 as No
D (27 KB, 400x400, on
Hamm, that odd No kittens see
a we of some was
Anonymous ( Tue) 23‘ 05 08 No
to chmb, the hole sad
Cl Anonymous 05 as No
owe KB, 400x400, Ema on
Exclamation's of
WHITE SPAR [ DEATH thumb + ill' - his is DE
Cl Anonymous as 57 No
on hm as
Cl Anonymous Mi 23
gt/ IT KB, ammo, EFGS on
Cl Anonymous ( as 24 No
tn com mm this
Cl Anon Y. Mons as as No ',
Hallo mourn you no o Mme hack)
Cl Anonymous / Iona( Toem 06 33 No
Cl Anonymous ( runite 06 IT No
mm mushroom
Cl Anonymous 07 as No
owe we , on
And me legs con someone
lend me a hand here?
nonymous A l l' aue) 25 " 22 no
was KB, 400x100, Ems on
Maybe! can gnd someone who ones a damn mew here Bastards thtat even mow.
me o med kn or #retad
Anonymous 09 33 No
KB, 400x400, EFGS on
Egads! What the hellere yfir
won a second You mus: be the men the box told me that? You want me to
pet you? /@ t then
Anonymous own/ ( rue) 23 31 No
gem KB, 400x400, on
You we mam
1 Anonymous / 20/ ( coem 23 37 No
yes out the
1 Anonymous omom)( Tue) 23 24 " No
my KB, 400x400, on
Previous expensice has
me to and these
1 Anonymous 27 as No
gm KB, 400x400, gin
1 Anonymous as 25 no
F. gt/ ll KB, wanna, on
1 Anonymous ( 29 34 No
gm KB, 400x400, on
clam my 1 gal
Anonymous own/ ( rue) 30 to No
my KB, 400x400, on
1 Anonymous / 20/ ( coem 30 52 No
saw that
1 Anonymous ) 23 31 IT
Filer_ _ may KB, 400x400, on
1 Anonymous ( 32 07 No
r was KB, Ammo, on
Dun no nan Nana
Don Do Na mono
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Submitted: 07/20/2010
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