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Favorite Stand Up Jokes Part 1

Creepy Pasta' s Favorite Jokes
made a post with a reference to the Remedy Central show,
Tesh. |], featuring Chris Cracker. [Link can he feind in description), it let of
the comments were people saying that they love Daniel Tush. Being an
avid fan of standout comedy, this gave me an idea. What ifi made a
compilation of my favorite standout jokes? If this does well [Let' s say
thumbs " enaugh to show that yen guys are interested hut net really
enoegh beest my level en PI by much " then I' ll do mere. ‘fee guys cerld
even make requests far what comedians Ffeature in the posts, So here it is,
Part I, LINKS TH VIBEZZ ' ratm.
ll have a jar at my hense I like to fill
with change. I deft stop 'til I reach tipster and
that little bell gees off, andi knew Cargo Pant Day
is here at last, andi dance. Knill put the cadge
pants en with a belt -- extra tight because I den’ t
want to have an embarrassing situation en such a
great day "" and I fill up all the pockets with the
change. Theni get a car alarm -- net a car alarm
with a car, just a car alarm ... andi held it to my
chest really closely. And then I walk around
the streets of Manhattan, and] wait for the first
homeless nerven cume up me and say, Hey,
yen get any spare change?' Ehen, I set the car
alarm off: "fen hit the jackpot, mete!"
Tosh - Comedy Central
Presents: Bunted Tosh
Chalked into the kitchen ene morning, he' s [referring his son) sittin
there he leeks at me and gees Tamriel, 1 have a einstien for yrou. What' s a
hecker?' I "What did yen say}? 'What’ s a hecker?' "Where did yen hear
that?...' " was watching HEB and there was a commercial for a show called
Keekers at the Point', It said this Saturday at II/ N., check out the
hookers!' What' s that mean?" That means we' re going out Saturday.'
Tibet' s a hooker.' Tet it dede' "fell me' 'Frankie that' s for adults' "fen
saidd was an adult? " said yen EAT like an adult! And what yen ilo in the
bathroom, yen are grean up trust me but yen deft need to know what a
hooker is.' Re throws a fit IN THE KITCHEN. '! ! ?
Tibet are yen daing?? He won' t stop! I deft know what to dd So finallyy
snapped. ' II? He went from being my sen, to my girlfriend' s little cub
ence again. And here she semes from the ether side of the house, mather
lion protect her little cub, yen know ' [EH
KIRBEE lithia " [Imitating entre Lien King]. Tibet are yen yelling at
him for?! ‘fee said if he hail any einstiens he could cume yen for
anything? l., Ididn' t know he was going to ask me that...' ‘dung pans?
Frankie yen wanna know what a hooker is?' *highpitched voice' 'yeah?
These are yum mom' s friends.' New every lime his mom' s friends cume
ever, he yells daddy the hookers are here?
Iglesias - I' m Nut Futa' m Huffy
Com my fen trust
trk, y... the my [azurite Dune Cook {bikes is called 'hardwood
Floors'. tilt he 103% honest there is he we m est hit the lines he
S unit c hire the e ect titre he does. The tint: m the video is in the
descri tion. ' s VERY wurth ft
It we guys have requests meme semi them m my inbox er team
Aalso wanted to thank
you guys for frontpage Ge, Parte .
on nypost "That
Changes E verything "I
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User avatar #1 - jogz
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(07/20/2010) [-]
I love Gabriel Iglesias! He's like Enrique's retarded brother
#2 to #1 - CreepyPasta [OP] **User deleted account**
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(07/20/2010) [-]
If funnyjunk as a whole likes this idea I'll make more! :D I'm an avid stand-up junkie and have hundreds of jokes I would love to share by probably at least 100 comedians from the 70s to today
User avatar #3 to #2 - jogz
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(07/20/2010) [-]
Please share them with Funnyjunk and I will be your slave!
#4 to #3 - CreepyPasta [OP] **User deleted account**
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(07/20/2010) [-]
I'll probably make more anyway regardless of thumbs, because you never know if there is one joke that just really hits home with a large number of people - just because it's not in this one doesn't mean it won't be in the next one so I'll keep 'em coming!
#5 - anon id: 3a1698cd
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(07/20/2010) [-]
personally id love to see compilations like this.