A request and a story. every one that i told this story to laughed alot so if people dont find it funny i'll take it down and read the story. Dear RT, To any on
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A request and a story

every one that i told this story to laughed alot so if people dont find it funny i'll take it down and read the story

Dear RT,
To any one who has watched
America' s Got Talent. Did you see
the one where the mike failed? if
so you know that that should be
out there somewhere. we need to
find it and bring it here. to the one
who brings it here first I shall give
a free 100 ‘Va original (or at least one
that i think no one has seen yet) picture.
no cost to ya :D.
also to try to keep this from being thumbed
down a story (dont worry is funny)
also its better if you read it in a countr-
or' southern - voice.
Ln a' tell you a story 'bout my ma.
ma was a very strange woman... and large.
ya' know the line 'it takes 2 buses and
a train to get on yo mama' s good side'?
it was true for her. But pa still loved
her. So much so that I had 14 brothers
and 14 sisters. The oddessy one, joey,
walked in ma and pa during saxal
intercourse and he just thought that he
was stuck in ma' s belly fat. Unfourtunate
he was right.
Anyway i rember the day ma
decided to work as a lunch lady at our
school. She thaught "if gona work
might as well be round sometin' i love".
Well the only thing she could make was
samiches. But she always confused
samiches and babies. she would be like
jeffery get me a babie outa' ' fridge"
and Jeffery would say "dont ya' mean a
samich?" and she would say "whats the
difference you can both eat em'" yeah...
ma had a pretty dark snese of humor. But
one day at school some one stole the
principal' s car' keys. So he ate lunch there
and when he got to ma she asked him
Hay Ted would ya like me ta make ya a
babie?" and he was so confused he said
um, what are ya doin back there?" She
replied "Makin' babies with Heather, why?"
Heather was ther other worker. So ted
asked how and ma said "Well first ya take
the meat an put in there then you put mayo
in ther and that the simple way to do it"
Then she was fired and she was not allowed
back on school grounds.
The End-
Dont thumb it down if you did not read it!
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Submitted: 07/19/2010
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#2 - thebuket **User deleted account** (07/19/2010) [+] (5 replies)
User avatar #1 - JamieHyneman (07/19/2010) [-]
thats...just wrong,so....so wrong =/
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