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#39 - Cawth **User deleted account** (07/19/2010) [-]
Me gusta is spanish for - I like
#45 to #39 - anonymous (07/19/2010) [-]
No. It is Spanish for "It pleases me"
#47 to #45 - Cawth **User deleted account** (07/19/2010) [-]
Well me gusta can be worded differently in english a couple of ways since the languages dont really go together that well
User avatar #50 to #47 - Hagenite (07/19/2010) [-]
I think what he meant was that "it pleases me" is the literal translation. Although we tend to take it as "I like", but it's the same difference.
#51 to #50 - Cawth **User deleted account** (07/19/2010) [-]
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