Easter Eggs Galore. #2!<br /> /funny_pictures/633114/Easter+Eggs+Galore+II/. Easter Eggs Galore! 1. Monsters Vs. Aliens: There is a Shrek face with a band laughalotw Easter egg
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Easter Eggs Galore

Easter Eggs Galore!
1. Monsters Vs. Aliens: There is a Shrek
face with a bandage on one eye symbol on the right
side of General Monger' s uniform
2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: At the part
where the cop runs from the food with a big boat
made from food on his hands and then he jumps
trough a big "Doritos" and makes a Reshaped hole.
Mr. T is the vocie actor of the cop.
3. Toy Story 2: Remember the Pixar short "Knick
Knack"? When Ham is flipping through the channels
super fast, you catch a shot of the "Knick Knack"
mermaid, only much more.... exposed.
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sax. Slop ma excessive and . Out
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you will become a You have been warm 'r_ r__ Mel
4. Fight Club: This is the warning sign that appears
at the beginning of the DVD. Read it.
5. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Visit Lake
Hylia, and find the clown the opperated the
cannon. Go into first person mode (for best
viewing), and look at the clown' s left arm. He
has a picture of a Bullet Bill on his jacket!
6. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: In the scene
where Spongebob is crying that he didn' t get the
promotion, Patrick yells, "WHAT?", and you can
see in the background several old, famous cartoons
on the wall
7. Ratatouille: You can see the famous
tagged on the rat named Git' s ear.
8. Finding Nemo: In the same scene where you see
the Pizza Planet truck crossing the road when they
are escaping in their water bags, you can also see
Luigi from Cars, 3 years before the movie came
9. Super Mario Sunshine: On the
ttgl," "ilos Sarena Beach stage, the courtyard
Veg' ---- to the hotel is in the shape of a
I “ah Gamecube control pad. If you' re
fic, v looking at the hotel, the control
10. The Matrix: Right before Mr. Smith is run down
by the train, you can clearly see the Hewlett Packard
logo on the wall behind him.
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