If you don't play Fallout 3, skip this. these made me lulz. memegenerator.net. Hill’ thatsm (( EEO dii' iis, @0133 TIE, l mama EAU] D@ HEJA " SHINE Lilili] All  Fallout meme
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If you don't play Fallout 3, skip this

Tags: Fallout | meme
Hill’ thatsm (( EEO
dii' iis, @0133
l mama
All from m enumerator.
These memes ma me
decided to let so people play
Fallout 3 a littl augster.
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Submitted: 07/17/2010
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#1 - THEFLEET **User deleted account** (07/17/2010) [+] (25 replies)
i am the slayer of deathclaws, destroyer of the enclave, and the purifier,but i still cannot find out how to turn that thing the **** on!!!!!!
#15 to #14 - THEFLEET **User deleted account** (07/17/2010) [-]
i choose shish kebab, and winterized t 51 b power armor.
#32 - bowelmoovmints **User deleted account** (07/18/2010) [-]
whoooooooh hooooooo mthr fckr thummz up for fallout
User avatar #31 - ShootingStarSniper (07/18/2010) [-]
User avatar #26 - LawfulNeutral (07/17/2010) [-]
I love you....
#24 - ookamibacon **User deleted account** (07/17/2010) [-]
slams into the ground leaving a large indent in the ground. "good move, now foreplay is boring me." leaps nearly 12 feet in the air and slams a blow on your shoulder. smiling at the sound of g forces rippling throughout the armor.
#5 - DiscoBiscuit **User deleted account** (07/17/2010) [-]
i rented this game, i want it again
#3 - ookamibacon **User deleted account** (07/17/2010) [-]
i am he who learned chuck norris. when i strike nothing is left, deathclaw cower in my wake and bandits flee in my shadow. i. am. fluffy.
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