Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Ch. 1. Read the bottom of the image for info.. SHEEPY ; 8, THE BEST. Millie IIF IILL Atlist; ... Abridged olur hem finds himself legend of Zelda link ocarina Time abridged
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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Ch. 1

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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Ch. 1. Read the bottom of the image for info.. SHEEPY ; 8, THE BEST. Millie IIF IILL Atlist; ... Abridged olur hem finds himself

Read the bottom of the image for info.

THE BEST. Millie IIF IILL Atlist; ...
olur hem finds himself in frint Hyrule castle... a girl and a inman ride past a harse, as if
running fram samething. “pun turning around, Link finds himself with an evil-
linking man. The man says Tiah! Helen! Hey! Watchout! Hey! Helen!'. It' s the mast dreadful
soundin the warld... then... he wakes up. Affirm tells him that the great Tree, guardian
the Kokiri Brest, is linking fur hirn. , Link sets nff tn find the tree.
When Link reaches the path In the tree, a huge dick is blacking the
way. Obviously, the noly way tn get past him is tn steal the ancient
treasure the Kokiri, the Kokiri Sward, and beg fur maney tn buy a
bonden shield made of tree bark . a very abundant resource in the
forest that abviously cannot be harvested but must be
the stare. Seriously, whn mute this crap. Anyway...
The Great Baku tree tells Link that he
has been cursed by a Man named
and that he will sann die. He
gives Link a test wisdom and courage-
destroy the minster residing deep
inside the tree.
This tree sounds like it' s fucking acid
same shit... But lank at that epic
stache... he abviously konws what he is
talking abaut.
had lank at his huge wned.
I Inna Matr __
with mlm wisdom and .
hue inside, Link finds a Slingshot . the
deadliest weapon in all Hyrule! Bun
dun HUN .
In all seriousness thaugh, hnw many
you guys after playing through this
part, tried tn make a slingshot? Hnw
many ynu actually MADE a slingshot
successfully? Eventually] gut frustrated
after mine banke like 30 times and just
stabbed a bug with it, like Link fur
a split secnod.
Von limit! Attr r
On the 8-‘ Int Ilium Mwt Mil
Haters ganna hate
Eventually Link finds himself face tn face with Queen (. She' s fucking
ugly. And lil times deadlier linking than mast M the busses later inthe game.
lust lank at the water temple bass... We' ll see him later...
The Tree tells Link In find the
Princess, Zel-... What the fuck is up with
Anyway Link is teld tn finishe princess
Zelda, and is given the Kokiri Emerald.
These kids are fucking lucky. They have
swords. They have slingshots. They have
parents. And nnw Link gets a friggin
Inna leaving, a chick with green hair
staps link and gives him the Fairy
ocarina. She tells link thatcher will
meet again someday. I] bviously this
chick is hut fur Link. She wants tn tap
Will Link find the princess? Will he change his facial espresso's? Why is Saria' s hair
tn be continued
Okay... ... I kenw this isn' t the greatest comic all time.
And we' all played the game. We kenw what happens. Sn here' s my request fur you, Bunnyjunk_ I want ideas fur
funny dialogue, which wiuld nicur in important parts the Arne. I' ll include a list important benchmarks in
the story below this paragraph. Just put your ideas fur any parts the game listed below inan a PR In me. Whnever
submits ideas that I use will be listed in the dedications section of the next comic if this hes well. This first nne
was just an experiement, see hnw you guys like the idea. I have screenshots fram every part the game, and can
use almost anything.
Lnn Lnn Hench- Learning ' s Sung . Waking Talen Up at Hyrule Castle . Receiving The Egg tn Wake Up Talen-
Dialogue with ‘hung Zelda . Dialogue with hula . ( City [' s ] . Cavern . ' s Dialogue
After Cavern . Meeting the King Zoras . Finding Hula Hume in Lake Hylia . Iaeu Jabu' s Stomach and all Dialogue with
Princess Hutu
If this hes well get tn this anint inthe game I' ll honestly be really surprised, but it was warth a shat Anne the
less. If it hes list mare situations in the game fur idea submiting.
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