A real map of Florida!. You know you're a Floridian if....<br /> Socks are only for bowling. <br /> You never use an umbrella because you know the r florida Map turtles are Awesome

A real map of Florida!

You know you're a Floridian if....<br />
Socks are only for bowling. <br />
You never use an umbrella because you know the rain will be over in five minutes. <br />
A good parking place has nothing to do with distance from the store, but everything to do with shade. <br />
Your winter coat is made of denim. <br />
You can tell the difference between fire ant bites and mosquito bites. <br />
You're younger than thirty but some of your friends are over 65. <br />
Anything under 70 degrees is chilly. <br />
You've driven through Yeehaw Junction. <br />
You know that no other grocery store can compare to Publix. <br />
Every other house in your neighborhood had blue roofs in 2004-2005.<br />
You know that anything under a Category 3 just isn't worth waking up for. <br />
You dread love bug season. <br />
You are on a first name basis with the Hurricane list. They aren't Hurricane Charley or Hurricane Frances. You know them as Andrew, Charley , <br />
Frances , Ivan, Jeanne &amp; Wilma...Irene...Cheryl...Rita Mary..Alison <br />
You know what a snowbird is and when they'll leave. <br />
You think a six-foot alligator is actually pretty average. <br />
'Down South' means Key West <br />
Flip-flops are everyday wear. Shoes are for business meetings and church, but you HAVE worn flip flops to church <br />
before. <br />
You have a drawer full of bathing suits, and one sweatshirt. <br />
You get annoyed at the tourists who feed seagulls. <br />
A mountain is any hill 100 feet above sea level. <br />
You know the four seasons really are: Hurricane season, love bug season, tourist season and <br />
summer. <br />
You've hosted a hurricane party.<br />
You can pronounce Okeechobee, Kissimmee , Withlacoochee , Thonotosassa and Micanopy. <br />
You understand why it's better to have a friend with a boat, than have a boat yourself. <br />
You were 25 when you first met someone who couldn't swim. <br />
You've worn shorts and used the A/C on Christmas and New Years. <br />
You recognize Miami-Dade as ' Northern Cuba '

old Rich People
I - Rednecks r ,
I - Everglades and huge has snakes r,' P l
D ‘Funk Groves and more ,
1'" - Interstates that divide old people
front the people who make their
orange juice and It their Jaguars
it - Interstate 4. AKA Highway to Hell
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#4 - anonymous (07/12/2012) [-]
LOL I can prounounce Okeechobee, Kissimmee, etc.
#3 - anonymous (04/06/2012) [-]
This is so funny and true!!
User avatar #2 - blairbearforever (01/13/2012) [-]
I live near Clearwater beach and the part about the rain is so true. And the old people -.-
#1 - anonymous (07/15/2010) [-]
I have lived in Florida for all of my life but this is quit funny and I agree with it. Excellent work my good man.
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