Frank and Bobby 2. Me and Frank has a good time while on the computer.<br /> Frank and Bobby 3<br /> frank is a Big silly
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Frank and Bobby 2

Me and Frank has a good time while on the computer.<br />
Frank and Bobby 3<br />

Tags: frank | is | a | Big | silly
What are you doing
Just Checking out how
we” our comic did .
Why bother? Irwin-
What is in
q mom thumbs.
We are gunna be . .
Superstars. . .
I 'm going to buy a years
q supply OF cotton!
This is the greatest day
It' s almost forgood to be
Waugh cough‘
That computers not even
What the hell Bobber
Your a ******* IDIOT/ I
And since when the ****
can we afford a
SINCE YOUR/ r *******
No, I do not want
a makeup sex. .
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User avatar #51 - xfallxoutxgurlx (07/16/2010) [+] (8 replies)
....their gay?
Ha ha ha
#60 to #59 - Patchers (07/16/2010) [-]
No... your misspelling sent me into a deep spiral of depression from which I will never recover.
User avatar #68 - djtrooper (07/16/2010) [-]
lmao he says "No, I do not want make-up sex" but his eyes look like hearts XD
#4 - willza **User deleted account** (07/15/2010) [-]
see, this is better. This is how a comic is made. it has a story that can be built on, multiple characters, and a punchline at the end.

The other ones (famous ones) with guys/girls talking about their life and their comic hair is not a comic. Its a boring ass blog in MS Paint form.

Keep it up, I like it.

Tags are hilarious too lol
#102 - IamKingNothing has deleted their comment [-]
#80 - TheSammichMan **User deleted account** (07/16/2010) [-]
your resistance only makes Bobby's pen- WAIT WAIT OH MY GOD!!!!!!
User avatar #47 - TheSandalMan (07/16/2010) [+] (10 replies)
since when the **** can we afford a computer?
#32 - BruceNorris **User deleted account** (07/16/2010) [-]
Oh, that Bobby and his shenanigans.
User avatar #16 - kencrash (07/15/2010) [-]
since when the **** can we afford a computer?

f*cking funny
#10 - AlexTheSemiGreat **User deleted account** (07/15/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Are they different genders?
User avatar #11 to #10 - dynamicantelope (07/15/2010) [-]
nope, is that a problem for you?
User avatar #15 - MandiMarie (07/15/2010) [-]
"I'm going to buy a years' supply of cotton!"
User avatar #14 - Imbtrtenu (07/15/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Wait... what?

I love you
#3 - captinovious **User deleted account** (07/15/2010) [-]
talk about mood swings
#116 - TheAce **User deleted account** (07/18/2010) [-]
Bobby reminds me of Gir and Frank reminds me of Zim. heehee
User avatar #114 - TheRagingKiwi (07/16/2010) [-]
#33 - hankwareagle **User deleted account** (07/16/2010) [-]
i like you, you dont have fag hair
User avatar #28 - sircool (07/16/2010) [-]
meh, grin worthy i think
User avatar #24 - Hagenite (07/15/2010) [+] (3 replies)
How come whenever a new comic maker makes a comic the second one is always about how well the first one did (at least to some degree)?
User avatar #30 to #29 - Hagenite (07/16/2010) [-]
That's quite a coincidence (in a non-sarcastic way). Regardless it still happens all the time, at least yours had the decency to be funny and not just pat itself on the back.
User avatar #2 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (07/15/2010) [-]
i gave you a thumb for effort
#22 - saborfang (07/15/2010) [+] (3 replies)
wait your gay?
#9 - lolresShithappens **User deleted account** (07/15/2010) [-]
AHAHAHAHAHA. oh wait, that wasn't funny.
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