Guy in my closet: you don't have aids.. this is hilarious. cleveland craigslist > gamete > missed connections email this misting to a friend Please re on sat: a Craigslist Aids hilarious lol
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Guy in my closet: you don't have aids.

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Guy in my closet: you don't have aids.. this is hilarious. cleveland craigslist > gamete > missed connections email this misting to a friend Please re on sat: a

this **** is hilarious

cleveland craigslist > gamete > missed connections email this misting to a friend
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please Lag with care:
To the guy in my closet, you don' t have AIDS " maw " 30 (Lakewood) -:
ill st
best of crai g i st
First off I want to relieve your fears that you probably dont or at least] hope you dont have AIDS.
When I came home 3 days ago I heard what was obviously mediocre sex going on in my bedroom. Since I quickly made the deduction that someone had
probably not broken into my apartment for some quick copulation I figured I had just caught my wife cheating on me which I had long suspected. Your
grunts were so loud that] actually had to reopen the dooring foryou two to fearme.] stood in the entry fora while as I heard you both scramble
before calling out that] was home.
When I walked into the bedroom my wife had some excuse about having a headache and when asked about the nighty she was wearing she said it was the most
comfortable thing she could find. ... and hm, I dont know how many affairs that you participate in but a word of advice is that when you hide in the closest
from an angry husbands you shouldn' t leave a few toes hanging out from under the door. At this point] am in a bit of a predicament-. I could have the typical
masculine response and open the door and beat the piss out of you but then you might file charges and quite frankly I just dont really care enough. Not to
mention I dont know how big you are and I couldn' t think of anything much worse than finding your wife cheating on you and then get pummeled by her new
lover. It entered my mind to have some marathon sex and make you stand and watch the whole thing but seeing how she is a dirty whore the idea grossed me
out a little. I came pretty close to just hanging out and masterbating but] am glad I went the direction I did.
So in Hue of those options I thought of the funniest thing I could do for my own personal amusement. I sat her down on the bed and looked deeply in her eyes
and told her that] had been diagnosed with eady stages of AIDS. Recently I have had a series of colds and went to the doctor who told me it was probably just
a string of bad luck and it was going around a little bit. The whole thing took about 2 hours and involved a lot of yelling, accusing and crying.
I felt like I hadn' t punished you quite enough, even though I fully acknowledge that it really isn' t your fault at all, so I told her that the illness was making me
tired so I needed to lay down. I could hear her on the phone making an appointment with the doctor and I could hear you medling around in the closest. You did
a great job holding still seeing how you probably aren' t used to standing in a 3' 14‘ closest for hours and hours on end but if I hadn' t already known you were
there you would have been caught for sure.
in bed thinking ehwhat] was going to do I felt sorry foryou to be mixed up in this crazy thing sol said I was going to go till
the prescriptions the doctor gave me and left the apartment so you could leave. I hope that you werent too uncomfortable in there and actually felt a little guilty
about it later.
Anyways, I put this in missed connections because I actually wouldn' t mind taking you out and buying you a drink. After all that is some funny stuff to laugh
about and you are saving me thousands in alimony since my wife cheated and the least] can do is repay you for a Hm beer.
A gain no hard feelings and best of luck!
BTW, you might still want to get your self tested since my wife is a dirty whore.
Location: Lakewood
it' s Nor to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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#1 - SwizzoR **User deleted account**
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(07/15/2010) [-]
LMAO! I wouldn't have let him leave..
User avatar #2 - Muss
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(07/15/2010) [-]
LFAO @ another dirty whore heheheeh