What Your Favorite Site Says 3. I may do one more based on your suggestions... Haven't decided yet<br /> Part 2<br /> funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/6

What Your Favorite Site Says 3

I may do one more based on your suggestions... Haven't decided yet<br />
Part 2<br />

hat Your Favorite Website
Says About You re Part Three
What You Think It Says: I am most likely an
underachieving male between the age of 12 and filth I
enjoy pokemon, racism and bacon and dislike women
leaving the kitchen and Justin Ember. My MS paint skills
are unbeatable and my comics are always so much
beater than those an the front page.
What It Really Says: khan scares W confuses me, my
decisions are usually based an what my pork steeple
thinks and if you don' t press a green thumb under my
content I will cry myself to sleep.
What You Think It Says: I appreciate comics who
prefer' substance aver style. Sure the comics may be
crudely drawn but they speak to my sense of humar
What It Really Says: I have a great sense of humar.
Honestly there is hardly anything that isn' t totally
hilarious an that site.
What You Think It Says: I found a way to keep up
with my friends while posting funny messages that
Tatally aren' t annoying an Their wall. toh, Jimmy is
going to the dentist. ‘lime to click the "like" button.
Let' s post a black and white picture of myself looking
away from the camera and leave a description about
how fat I am so people will compliment me. Teehee,
I' m so original, deep and cool with my EDD friends.
What It Really Says: Bahahha I' m a sheep who
switched aver from Myspace, even though my
constant use of Farmville has rendered me clueless as
to the concept of actual sheep or' any farm animals
foe that matter. I keep checking the updates to see
how much everyine cares about me even though the
only messages I get are an my birthday W a pink cow
that my mom sent me.
What You Think It Says: Aww cool it' s a site like
with a ratings system much like the one
an Funnyj' unk. This is relevant to my interests.
What It Really Says: "...... .. *Vomit* Well at least the
song is catchy
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User avatar #7 - nayyt (07/15/2010) [-]
i have facebook account and all of my freinds keep sending me thos ******* farmvile gifts/neighbor requests. its a fuccking nightmare
User avatar #6 - dtdownsurface (07/14/2010) [-]
FJ = Truth
#8 - xEcho (07/16/2010) [-]
u should do FML .com i should have got dedacation last btime i rolled ubs
#3 - anonymous (07/14/2010) [-]
For the funnyjunk one, why would anyone think of themeless as "An underachieving racist?"

Personally, I'm an overachieving racist.
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