Russian Sleep Experiment (must read). Comment and Thumb<br /> True Story. The Russian Eileen Greene Sawe ) No. ) recently. tut It away’: we ) new eh' an s
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Russian Sleep Experiment (must read)

Comment and Thumb<br />
True Story

The Russian Eileen Greene Sawe ) No. )
recently. tut It away’: we ) new
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impassible ' with mere than hurrah &
the ward "MORE" NET and ,. .
The three test were many restrained and weed Id e belly.
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HEW whammy the Emu The , an instead
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awake. the mum that maid week was were and t: the mute
hernia they all his might, first left, that
right. then manta seta' tatt' : helmets on. The remaining menses!
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reheard' ' m' iae.
aha heart
remaining subject that maid it myth HE
attemp. yhe
drew :
WHATARE '' '1 must he
that , were entree! mind."
The EEG flattened as the meted weekly HEM nut "ttd... nearly... free..."
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Submitted: 07/14/2010
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#7 - crazylego (12/07/2011) [-]
Um. Guys. This isn't a true story.
...Like, at all.
#6 - anonymous (07/24/2011) [-]
is he talking about fapping at the end? I rlly thought that was the joke!
#5 - SmellYaLatwr **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
:) Sweeet
#4 - Data **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
User avatar #3 - NinjaYuki (07/14/2010) [-]
#1 - Cajape **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [+] (1 reply)
is that really true?
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