Mesmerized. .. did you say somethi.....ALL HAIL THE BOOTY Big Butt
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User avatar #1 - theriddler (10/13/2009) [-]
did you say somethi.....ALL HAIL THE BOOTY
#7 - anonymous (12/07/2009) [-]
i would stick my nose right in that ass
#6 - anonymous (11/03/2009) [-]
... I just lost my train of thought. It totally went off the rails... Know I can't think in a straight line. Maybe circles. Pie is circular. Got any pie? You know what else is circular...?
*looks up*
What was I talking about?
#5 - anonymous (10/13/2009) [-]
if you look at his head her belly fat is all over him, its still a nice booty though
#4 - anonymous (10/13/2009) [-]
naw u dont. the sitas got em :P
#3 - anonymous (10/13/2009) [-]
dominicans all day baby we got da best booties around
#2 - anonymous (10/13/2009) [-]
Damn is it coming or going?
i must find out
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