Missy the Missing Cat. This is my first upload! I hope its not a repost. If it is let me know and I will take it down. From: Shannon wattled Dale: Monday 21 Jun
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Missy the Missing Cat

This is my first upload! I hope its not a repost. If it is let me know and I will take it down

From: Shannon wattled
Dale: Monday 21 June 2010
To: Dayna theme
oppened the screen door yesterday and my cat out out and has been
shoe than so I was wandering "btrs are not to Busy ynu could
make a poster farms , haste: be At and I photocopy t and put t
around my suburb thm afternoon
The stile Duty photo other Indy: she answers to the name Missy and
Is black and wme and about 8 months on an Hornet street and
my phone homer
Thanks shah
From: Dam Theme
Date', Monday 21 June 2010 9
To: Shannan Walkies
Subjet: t: Re: Poster
Dear Shannon.
That rs shocking news t. uckley I was stting down when I read your
email and not hallway up a mineral tree Haw are you helm"; up? lam
surprised you managed to attend work at " what um thinking about
Missy out there cow. frightened and alone possibly mg on the we "
the mad, her back legs squashed by a tremolo, calm out "Sherman.
where are your
Although I have two clients expecting completed work ths alteration. I
wt. of course. drop everythang and do whatever Makes to the
speedy return
Regards, Dam.
From: Shannon Lashley
Dal Monday 21 who 2010 9
To: Dam Thoma
subject: Re Re Foster
yeah " thanks. I know you don! We cats out I am realty warned about
mute I have ta leave at ppm today
From: Dam Thoma
Date', Monday 21 June 201010
Trr, Shannon walkies
Subjet: t: Re' Re Re Poster
Dear Shannon.
I don' t We cats once. having been myriad to a party, I went
clothes shopping beforehand and loughs a any inexpensive {Ester
boots They were two sues too small but I wanted them so badly/ I
figured I could wet wear them wthout socks and cut my toenails very
short As the pony was only a few blocks from my place, to
walk Atlanta hast Mock. I lost all teem In my feet Arming at the
party, I stumbled Into a any named Steven. Malibu a coke onto his
Cise Lafe' , and he punched me An hour or so
attache Incadent. Steven sat down In a char already occupied by a cat
The surprised cat clawed and snarled causing Steven to leap out Mme
char. " on a rug and swim his forehead onto the corner on speaker,
In a two Inch open gash In ts shock, the cat also demoted,
leaving Steven wth a wet brown stall! down the back onus Dela:
cargo pants I wed that cat
Atached poster as requested
Regards, Dam.
From: Shannon walkies
Dot Monday 21 who 201010
To: Dam Home
subject: Re Re Re Re Poster
yeah mats not what I was [newly form all t looks We a and how
come the photo oll. lassy Is so small’
From: Dal/ Id Thur":
Date', Monday 21 June 201010
Trr, Shannon
Re: Re Re Re: Re Poster
a design who The cat Is lost In the negaitve space
Regards, Dam.
Date Monday 21 June 201010
To: Dam Theme
Subject: Re: Re Re Re: Re Re Poster
Thatswhat sword Can you do t property Pease? I am extremely
and was up " Mont In tears you seem to It '
funny can you make the photo Ngger please and (K the text and do t In
colour please Thanks
From; Dam Theme
Dot Monday 21 June 201010
To Shannon Walkies
subject: Re Re Re: Re Re Re Re Roster
Dear Shannon.
mung worked wall designers lot a law years now, I would have
assumed you understood, deems our vague suggestions ,
we do not welcome constructive taunt come Munsters and
tellyou haw to sonata! messages, log onto Facebook and look out at
the \-\ u I am wang to this tanx pas due to you no doubt
who preoccupied W m thoughts at may attempting to make her may
home across may or who trapped In a dram as
ms W tn water I spent roe days down a well once out that was lust
tor tun
I have amended and attached the poster as foryour Instructor's
Regards, Dam.
From: Shannan walkies
Date Monday 21 June 201010
To: Dam
Subjet: t: Re' Re Re Re: Re Re Re: Re Poster
The Is worse than the amorous can you make t so t whole
photo " Missy and delete the sword text that says snessy all
just want no say lost
From: Thorn
Date: Monday 21 June 201011 team
to: Shannon
Subtext: Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Poster
From: Shannon walkies
Date: Monday 21 who 2010 11.
To: DICKI Thoma
subject: Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re. Poster
yeah can you do the poster or 0017 that wants photo and the word lost
and the telephone humor and when and where she was lost and her
name Not no a mow: poster stupad Indy: to have any
today It t was your cat I would help you Thanks
From: David Theme
Date; Monday 21 who 201011,
Ttr, Shannan Walkies
my W or
Dear Shannon.
loom have a cat lance agreed to look otter amends cat tor a week
but alter he dropped t on at my apartment and explained the concept or
my Inner, I kept the cat In a closed cardboard oak In the shed and moat
about t Ill wanted to teed something and clean lanes. I mutant have
out my mother In that home after her stroke A week later. when my
mend came to Colect " cat, I pretended that I was not home and matted
the auto turn Apparenty I tolled to put enough stamps on the package
and " had to colect t from the post Mace and pay eighteen dollars he
an about that sometmes, people need to learn to let go
move attached the amended persoon or your poster as per your damned
Regards. Dow
CONTACT 0433 359 705
From: Shannon Walkies
Date: l. Monday 21 who
Dam Thoma
Subject: Re: Aaww
mats not my cat where out you get that promo hum? That on Is
orange Wave you a photo Milly cat
From: David
Date; Monday 21 who 2010 11.
Tm Shannan Walkies
subject: Re: Re Aaww
I know, but that one s we has Rune possum met any one of
several mutant ends. t Is possile you might get a better on out more It
calls and says ‘I havent seen your orange at but I did mo a
Mack and who one won ts hind legs run over by a can do you want
or you can politely dome and save yourselfe nutty veterinarian bill
someone who had a Basset hound that had ts hind legs removed
alter an t had to walk around wth one ofthose me
outgoes won wees It t had been my dog would have asked tor all ts
legs to be removed and replaced wth wheels and had a remote control
Installed Icould charge neighbourhood was tor noes and enter t In
races mold the same wth a horse I could drove tto work would call It
Regards, Dam
From: Shannan Walley
Date; Monday 21 June 2010 12.
Tm Dam Thoma
suntan: Re Re Re Aw W w
please lust use the photo I gave you
From: Dawn Thom
Date: Monday 21 who 2010 12.
subject: Re Re Re Re Aaww
CONTACT 0433 359 705
From; Shannan Walkies
Date', Monday 21 June 201012
To: Dam Theme
Subject: Re: Re Re Re: Re Aaww
lam“ say there was a reward I donthave 52000 dollars What dd you
even put that there an Apart tram that t rs perfect can you please
remove the reward oh Thanks short
From: Dam Thorn:
Date Monday 21 June 2010 12.
Ttr, Shannon
subtext: Re; Re Re: Re Re Re Awtvw
CONTACT 0433 ass 705
From: Shannon walkies
Dal Monday 21 who 2010 12. 51 pm
T _ Dow! Theme
subject: Re. Re Re Re: Re Re Re: Aaww
can you rust please take the reward or I have to leave In
ten minutes and I still have to make photocopies " t
From: David Thoma
Date; Monday 21 June 201012 seam
Tm Shannan Walkies
subject: Re: Re Re Re. Re Re Re; Re Aaww
CONTACT 0433 359 700
From: Shannan walkies
Date: Monday 21 June 20101
sweet: Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Aaww
we That will have to do
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#6 - DJ SpoonTooBig (07/13/2010) [-]
first time i've lol'd on fj in 3 months. thank you.
#7 - anonymous (03/08/2011) [-]
omg I laughed my arse off at this. Absolutely priceless dude
#5 - Superhellokittyman **User deleted account** (07/13/2010) [-]
it is a repost but its still ******* awesome
User avatar #4 - TheGman (07/13/2010) [-]
one of those acceptable reposts
User avatar #3 - RonaldRegan (07/13/2010) [-]
i dont care if it was a repost or not.. i rolled.. lol im leaving work now, going home and putting a red derby hat on my cat.. brb
#1 - foggart **User deleted account** (07/13/2010) [-]
that was awesome long but epic
#2 - keytoterror **User deleted account** (07/13/2010) [-]
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