Trolololol. Just me being a dick. Happy commenting... I got to 7 seconds then I said NO me being a Dick justin Beiber takes it up the Butt Hardcore my Penis is Long lulz
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#3 - RanalApe **User deleted account** (07/12/2010) [-]
I got to 7 seconds then I said **** NO
#6 - metalvein **User deleted account** (07/12/2010) [-]
ok... didn't do anything... **** YOU TROLL!
User avatar #5 - FJalltheway (07/12/2010) [-]
filter keys?
**** that **** im going home... Im here
User avatar #4 - blueboysixnine ONLINE (07/12/2010) [-]
turned mine off because i kept holding shift too long on WoW to compare gear
#2 - BlinkZero **User deleted account** (07/12/2010) [-]
I have a thing that asks me if I want to. THWARTED! (Whatever that means.....)
#1 - YSIAM **User deleted account** (07/12/2010) [-]
it didnt do ****
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