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User avatar #957 - hosa (07/12/2010) [-]
am i
#964 to #957 - John Cena (07/12/2010) [-]
hosa here i am soooo damn happy i saw this if other people than me think that too then theres hope..but do you know wat happens to people like this visit my profile to find out, also the rules of fj suck the designer should think this through from scratch, as a result of being different (i know iama noob but i can improve) i got lots of thmb down and now i am tottally handycapped i cant even post anymore, and the comment above thats my limit. if fj stays that way then i will probably never going to post my original content, it is peer pressure that made fj wat it is today. evryone has its strenghts and weeknesses and i have many funny ideas, they usually pop up out of nowhere so i have now a small notebook which carry my ideas waiting to be
#968 to #964 - John Cena (07/12/2010) [-]
applied fj is not just about collecting content from the web and uploading it here, but also ORIGINAL content isee this pic is in the top page but fjers still do not apply the concept, now i can make a knew account, and lose all my favourites id rather stick with one and i will not post my content until i see fj has changed its rules and take off the limits, i feel that i am a troll because of wat happened to me, but im just a person who got many thumbs down because i dont follow the trend, dont you see, all these trolls fj has been through like 'animal' etc.. were normal frendly users until they felt the hostility from fj and the stubborn users, and the thumb system is helping the evil even more! yes like youtube but WITH SUSCRIPTION this
#970 to #968 - John Cena (07/12/2010) [-]
is wat made youtube successfull! retards suscribe to retards. free thinkers suscribe to free thinkers, ranking based on most suscribers. this is wat made YT global. and no limit **** , troll=ban thats it. wat fj needs is not a designer but a wise thinker. also make priority to old stuff too so that it doesnt get isolated, for example everyday 20 good rated, old pics to be shown first page.
#971 to #970 - John Cena (07/12/2010) [-]
ok we can keep the thumbs but change the core system, suscribtion is the solution!
or w'ell end up like that
http://www. youtube . com/watch?v=VpBJsVw000w
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