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User avatar #935 - epochpenors
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(07/11/2010) [-]
In my point of view, however, its not the thumbs fault. I mean, you're only talking about the **** that constantly gets to the front page, but sure, maybe wanting thumbs made whoever post it, but why did people thumb it? Because they are stupid. PEOPLE! THE THUMBS WORK IF YOU JUST TREAT THEM LIKE THEY SHOULD BE TREATED WITH FUNNY AND NOT FUNNY! I know that you'll thumb this down saying "Oh, its not MY fault, the thing had 500 thumbs up! 1 thumb down wouldn't have mattered..." Well, say 400 other people thought that? BOOM! It would have been off the front page, still 100 thumbs up, but it would be a start.
#945 to #935 - anon
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(07/11/2010) [-]
see the problem with what your saying and what hes saying is that nobody cares.