Justin Bieber Under Attack. We have done well.<br /> <br /> Here is the full dailymail link<br /> www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1292 justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber Under Attack

Internet under attack as Justin
Weber' s website, itunes and
Youtube are all hacked
Last updated PM on tth July 2010
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The Internet had a day of disaster on
ndaa when Itu hes, Yo utu be and
all stopped working.
The store for Itu hes was hacked, as was
Yo , whilst went down
because of a power shortage.
All the sites were fixed within a matter of
hours but the combination ohaii three
going down so close together has raised
The timing shows hackers had
deliberately chosen the July at weekend
to mount their attacks when
Independence Day reiterations were
taking place across America in the hope
IT staff would not have been so ,
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