Political Conspiracy. just a cheap joke. ins Day during Class A teacher was showing his students the moon landing video. You know the one with "one small step f MarvelZombie obama
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Political Conspiracy

just a cheap joke

ins Day during Class A teacher was showing his students the moon landing video.
You know the one with "one small step for man..." afterwards one of his students
ask ''If Niel Armstrong was the first man on the moon, then who shot the footage?
The teacher at first waded by the question sat down and began to think, he was
completly baffled. He got walked down the hall into the principals office and asked
the same question. The Principal also battled made a phone call to the mayor asking
him the same question.
The mayor was equally baffled and asked the principal to call back Thinking for a
while the mayor called the Army General Thinking that with his position he would be
able to shed some light on the situation.
The army General picked up the phone "hello?" "yes" the principal said " calling
to ask about a question" he said shyly. Wont ask, Dom tell" said the general rather
nonchalantly. "Nil not that its about the moonlanding" The generals Eyes widened
and he gave his full attention to the caller. Who are you? he asked. '' the mayor of
censored'' and a kid from asked this question". The generalcolt him to call
back later. After thinking fora while he picked up the red phone and called the [rural
Obama picked up the phone. "Hello?" The general quickly informed him ofthe
situation and who asked it. [mama sat up in his chair hung up the phone with a
sense of urgency, and pushed a red button on his desk bouncing a very small nuclear
missile towards the school. tone of [mamas many underly rigs who was in the room at
the time asked who really did film the moon landing. [mama shrugged and said the
camera was set by already. The adviser then asked wealthy did you bomb that
mama shrugged and said "Thats why they call me [" and then drink from a
coffe mug with the same saying printed on it.
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Submitted: 07/10/2010
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