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User avatar #179 - burningmonkblood (07/10/2010) [-]
Face it, You Fail
#182 to #179 - BrotherGilbert **User deleted account** (07/10/2010) [-]
thats why every post has made it to the front page, just cause you dont like it doesnt mean other people dont
User avatar #1215 to #182 - bugkiller (07/12/2010) [-]
i agree, i found it funny and true
User avatar #1207 to #182 - TheFreshPrince (07/11/2010) [-]
Banhammer owns.
User avatar #1194 to #182 - retardizard (07/11/2010) [-]
this is why you don't put your facebook picture for your funnyjunk profile picture, you will get banned
#926 to #182 - FunnyjunksCreator **User deleted account** (07/11/2010) [-]
your ****** banned
User avatar #211 to #182 - mimihigurashi (07/10/2010) [-]
I don't like it either, it rapidly turned into ******** . There, two people who don't like it and I assure you there are more.
#451 to #211 - anon (07/10/2010) [-]
I dont either you're now just posting your ******** opinion.
User avatar #454 to #451 - mimihigurashi (07/10/2010) [-]
Ah, anon, you're talking, the one whose opinion is less important than crap. ^_^

Oh, oh, old but good joke: What's the difference between anon's opinion and a bucket of **** ?

The bucket.
User avatar #1054 to #454 - Merx (07/11/2010) [-]
wow man, even when anons agree with you you treat them like **** . this is why funnyjunk has so many wars. but yeah, hey ho to banned douche
User avatar #1164 to #1054 - mimihigurashi (07/11/2010) [-]
He said my ******** opinion idiot! Geez.
User avatar #1189 to #1164 - RedWall (07/11/2010) [-]
He was agreeing with you about the posts being ********
User avatar #1191 to #1189 - mimihigurashi (07/11/2010) [-]
It was much less than obvious. He said "you're now just posting your ******** opinion". Normally that would refer to mine. He should had arranged his words in a better, different way so it would be much easier to understand his point.
User avatar #1209 to #1191 - Merx (07/11/2010) [-]
but your not the one posting the picture, you said something yelling at gilbert, he was agreeing saying that now he is just posting random bullship opinions. dont be an arrogant ******** and maybe we can actually get all of this cleared up
User avatar #1210 to #1209 - mimihigurashi (07/11/2010) [-]
I was trying to explain myself, but if you're trying to insult, gtfo, I'm done here, goodbye.
User avatar #1211 to #1210 - Merx (07/11/2010) [-]
not trying to insult, just trying to not have everyone be such asses to anons and start yet another anon war and relentless ******** "wars" on here again.
and also incase you didnt read what the anon said is "I dont EITHER you're now just posting your ******** opinion" the either is meaning i agree with the previous statement, he forgot a period after that, and then he sends a direct comment to Gilbert. before you yell him to arrange his words better, learn to read his words so YOU can understand his point...
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