Super Mario Bros: Live Action Movie. yes i know there is a live action movie for it alrdy, but it sucked.. so yea..<br /> once again this one is a bit lon super Mario bros luigi bowser Toadstool peach toad cast
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Super Mario Bros: Live Action Movie

yes i know there is a live action movie for it alrdy, but it sucked.. so yea..<br />
once again this one is a bit longer, so be patient, i made it in the mean time until i can make a better one like Mass Effect or Bioshock, just im busy all day today and all night so ill try my best!<br />
here are my other ones!<br />
Zelda:<br />
Fallout 3:<br />
God of War:<br />

Dames that should be movies.
along with the cast
at rarst It seemed almost
Impossible to figure this one
out.. but arror having a nice
glass or DJ If hlf me...
would be the pefrect
pick to pigg as ©
Once again I could see
gou disagreeing with me
one this one but gou
gotta about It I Was
going to pick cu;
fddf be
hilarious. BUT then I got a
little more serious and
was Iike.. what abbi_
then I was ,
wrr kind or drug am I one
so arror a serious
conversation with mg
brother abbi_ how I. e
Ears, CAN Indeed save
gour lire. I came to the
conclusion that
would be ..
gou Ir gou think otherwise
this one was actualie a
challenge. like how the hell
am I suppose to rind a
short gug that can pigg a
wreaking ... std I
picked two possibilities.
FIFE!‘ Is he
piaget In the
austin powers movies. is/ lg
second choice is
cause he piaget
the rammus and
was wreaking hilarious...
ror this one I
needed an epic
deep voiced
actor... at rarst I
taur then
soon realised that
fddf be a
slug Idea so then
I thought ror a
while ‘WWY the
ruck has a deep
epic scard voice‘
then If hlf
be pefrect he has
a wreaking scard
ass voice...
v’ he WENT!‘ be inthe
suit as bowser or
t course.... theg will
Just get some
nobodi to go in
those special suits
ror movements
then our great
technology will
take pigg and do
P some good
graphics editing to
make bowser look
as real as possibleh
For this one. I thought ‘oh
III pick another badass
hawt chick‘ then I was
like wait... Peac is a pusse
and all innocent and ****
so I gotta get a _ ite
looking girl rather than
badass sexc.. so I thought
between these three. First
I third
is/ lg renai choice or
the three would have to
Innocent looking and
pretti sexc..
if Kate I
be up ror
It I' d pick l
NAA' fice
I thought It would be good
Ir theg Just made gashi' s
voice voiced one or
the original gashi people.
Or even the technology
theg used to create
it... Yoshi' s original voice.
which was more or a
sound erred than a voice.
was created using a
those used Dis). and
then pigging the resulting
sound backwards. His
voice was later voiced
this one was a bit harder so be patient with me P
please give me some to let me know what
gou :D
I' m gonna be busk all dag todai and all night. so I
wont be able to make another one until tomorrow
morning. so what do gou think I should do next.
thx again.
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#3 - LouPickles **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [+] (3 replies)
there is a mario live action movie, but it kind of sucks
User avatar #1 - Nazistick (07/08/2010) [+] (3 replies)
There already was a Super Mario brothers movie....we dont talk about it...EVER
User avatar #16 - pizzacat (07/25/2010) [-]
they did make a supermario bros movie
User avatar #15 - teh lazer lawd (07/09/2010) [-]

#14 - KingRyan **User deleted account** (07/09/2010) [-]
do red steel 2
User avatar #13 - jayschroo (07/09/2010) [-]
User avatar #12 - residntevl (07/08/2010) [-]
holy crap I've already seen this movie.
User avatar #11 - rwarrimadork (07/08/2010) [-]
didnt they already make a mario bros movie some time ago ..? me and my brther used to watch it all the time You need to login to view this link .
User avatar #10 - BadManTaliban (07/08/2010) [-]
jessica alba would be daisy

i think powerpuff girls would actually make a decent live action, i even have a good plot, the girls have grown up as heroes but one day mojo does somethin ****** up and kills a bunch of people and the powerpuff girls are blamed. they break up the group and go their seprate ways. we come back years later when they are adults and are all having their own individual problems when some evil plot forces them back together again. there are so many actors and actresses who would fit the rolls in tht movie. am i right?
#9 - LoaMoku **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
Mass Effect would be cool
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