French Guns. Guns for sale!. NS FOR SALE Never fired. dropped only wee. the French Foreign Legion Is well known for being the most badass fighting forces around.... Their secret- None of them are french
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French Guns

Guns for sale!

Never fired. dropped only wee
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Submitted: 10/09/2009
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#29 - batray (04/30/2010) [-]
theres not even one french gun in there so wat the fuk they talkin about
#28 - anonymous (03/20/2010) [-]
watever man whoever posted this probably doesnt know how to shoot a gun let alone name them.
#25 - anonymous (11/18/2009) [-]
well the french only made one gun the famas and its ok
#20 - anonymous (10/11/2009) [-]
Um, none of those are french guns. Frenchies dont believe in guns. Thats why the Nazis took over their pitiful little fag country over in 6 days.
#26 to #20 - anonymous (12/23/2009) [-]
What are you on about?
The Maginot line was the best goddamn invention ever made, just a shame Hitler went around it. When Hitler attacked hill 23 head-on, after a two month battle, hundreds of Nazis had been killed with only a few Frenchies dead.
#22 to #20 - anonymous (11/07/2009) [-]
then how did the fight in the french revolution
#23 to #22 - anonymous (11/08/2009) [-]
they sucked their masters ***** until masters dick fell off
#19 - anonymous (10/10/2009) [-]
#17 - anonymous (10/10/2009) [-]
half of the guns u listed are wrong bulpip is a ******* type of gun not the name of a gun bulpip is when the cock (lol) action is in the shoulder its placed there so you can make the barrel normal length but have shorter gun and the french do use these ocasionaly he might have ment the frenchies dropped them not that they are french made people shut up unless you know what your talking about
#18 to #17 - anonymous (10/10/2009) [-]
I think you mean bullpup not "bullpip", good try though kkthnxbai
#24 to #18 - anonymous (11/08/2009) [-]
It is Bullpip ******** . You play too much Mercenaries 2.
#14 - anonymous Comment deleted by Gerrish [-]
#21 to #14 - anonymous (10/13/2009) [-]
No, The Steyr AUG is a bull pup but AUG stands for Armee Universal Gewehr, it isnt nessarily a bullpup
#16 to #14 - anonymous (10/10/2009) [-]
Aren't Bullpups and Augs the same thing?
User avatar #27 to #16 - fistymcbeefpunch (03/04/2010) [-]
a bullpup is a gun where the magazine is behind the trigger, an aug is an austrian assault rifle
#13 - anonymous (10/10/2009) [-]
I think the guy who posted this is hot
#12 - anonymous (10/10/2009) [-]
the French Foreign Legion Is well known for being the most badass fighting forces around.... Their secret- None of them are french
#30 to #12 - kristovsky (10/12/2013) [-]
>"most badass fighting force around"
>isn't talking about the SAS/SBS

the **** you on about boy?
#10 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
Instead of only dropped once, more like never picked up.
#8 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
**** these guns, ill take a gauss cannon
#7 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
French are pussies, Americans are ******** , Brittish people are douch bags, and Japanese people are werid... no one knows what canada is... oh hay guns!
#15 to #7 - anonymous (10/10/2009) [-]
Us canadians are beer drinking, hockey playing, donut eating hicks who say "eh" at the end of every sentence. Pretty cool, eh.
#11 to #7 - xCHINGCHINGx (10/09/2009) [-]
Americans like canadians, we get our medicine from u guys, but not our surgery.
but don't get us pissed us off at you guys!
#9 to #7 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
We're hockey players, dumbass
#6 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
that m16 is not french
#5 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
Cheese eating surrender monkeys lol
#4 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
lol french r pussies
#3 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
P90 is from Belgium. For ****** sakes get your damn guns right.
#2 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
id happily take that fn p90 of that g36 of ur hands. Hell, the glock 18 and the aug over there to.
#1 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
how much?
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