How to be a homicidal maniac step 2. Here is step two. Hope you like it. Be sure to comment and thumb.<br /> Step 1: /funny_pictures/593318/How+to+be+a+ho How to be a homicidal maniac
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How to be a homicidal maniac step 2

How to be a
Homicidal Maniac
Like Johnny C.
Now that you are insane and have crazy
inanimate objects controlling your mind,
its time for...
When killing people, you dont want it to be
boring. You want the person to die in the
most creative way possible. Make it hurt
too. You want them to suffer.
Come up with lame and
stupid excuses to kill
g" someone. You can hate
their tie ocaust plain flat
out hate them for no
reason. But be creative
with the killing! Shove a
W' knife down their throat.
Or you could always stick
em to the wall with a
matchear through the
Either way, make sure it hurts.
Things will be messy but
that is part of the job!
So make sure your tools
are clean.
Kill WP Kgvf
You have cooties!!! jei,
i l! Dont forget your
crazy but deadly
local killing store.
Dont forget that if you
start killing, dont stop till
the job is done. You dont
want them to suffer any
longer, do you? Well of
course you do! But there
are other people who
need to die as well.
Be sure to question things
as well.
And when you get
super powers in
Heaven, be sure
to blow some
heads up. Thats
always fun!
Just remember to listen to
these guys every now and
then. They can give you new
And Evllbunny is the
only part of you that will
remain yours. Listen to
him when you are
confused ocaust need
someone to talk to. Even
though it will technically
mean you are talking to
To be continued...
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