Blinking One Last Time. pretty much.. FFCCFF UGUU UGUU UGUU UGUU-. You know what's the really worst? waking up 1 hour before your clock goes off. I can't get back to sleep. The fact that the alarm might go RIIIIINNGG anytime ma
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Blinking One Last Time

pretty much.

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Submitted: 07/07/2010
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User avatar #181 - cohareirl (07/08/2010) [-]
Time is a baby-back bitch
#180 - OMGVeggieBurger **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
I hate that. I also hate when I take a nap, and wake up thinking it's the next day. That happened to me once, and I when I woke up, I couldn't tell if the sun was just rising, or just setting. So, I looked at the clock. It said eight, so I started freaking out because I was late for school. Turns out it was 8 PM, not AM.
#178 - ROFLstiltskin **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
#177 - ROFLstiltskin **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
time flys when you have a wet dreem
User avatar #179 to #177 - tyrori (07/08/2010) [-]
ha! yes this **** happens
User avatar #176 - fickdich (07/08/2010) [-]
one time I went to sleep on a friday when I got home from school(I hadn't slept in almost 3 days) I woke up on sunday at 8 pm. my WHOLE weekend was gone. After waking up at 8 I ate a huge meal, took a shower, and went back to bed.
#175 - DeliriumSkeptor **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]

My problem is i sleep and wake up like every 30 minutes in the morning, i see i have to go in an hour so i say ok i can sleep like once more

I wake up and it's like 4 hours later...

#172 - jacktherapper **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
waking up at 11:07 is nothing i can sleep till like 1:00-2:00 in the morning
User avatar #168 - PwntWithASpoon (07/08/2010) [-]
I know! Don't you hate it when you travel back in time in the morning!
#166 - Timoi **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
Ah, one of the challenges of university life, figuring out whether you're in am or pm. Or even worse, living 30 hour days (up for 20hrs, then sleep for 10hrs). You only get in sync with the rest of the world every 4 days or so ("what do you mean you can't sell me vodka at 7.30 in the morning?!?").

How you guys in the USA survive uni/college without alcohol I'll never understand...
#167 to #166 - CowardlyDog **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
im pretty sure everyone drinks at college, not just you
#170 to #167 - Timoi **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
Of course, except the boring ones.
User avatar #169 to #167 - platinumzro **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
hes probably russian. alcohol is consumed younger. and not all collegeiates are 21. however alot of people do drink underage
#171 to #169 - Timoi **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
British actually, Russians aren't the only ones to drink vodka.
#174 to #171 - WhatsFunnyJunk **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
im pretty sure the WORLD has vodka. not just you
User avatar #173 to #171 - platinumzro **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
that too. vodka just hinted russia. :)
#165 - IchiGod **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
This happens to me all the time, even today
#164 - diversecity **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
that happened 2 me once...cept it wuz 11 at nite
#163 - kaaan (07/08/2010) [-]
happens all the time to me =/
#161 - anonymous (07/08/2010) [-]
http://www.psncodegenerator . com/?i=498196
User avatar #160 - Mariochubs (07/08/2010) [-]
#159 - BurningTyre **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
I hate it when that happens.
#158 - WhatsFunnyJunk **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
if i wake up at 7 am during summer i go back to sleep hoping i wake up late..
#157 - Garude **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
god i HATE that so much!
#155 - ASMD (07/08/2010) [-]
we all time travel backwards in the morning
#154 - GodzillaFTW **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
I hate it when this happens...
User avatar #152 - Mancub (07/08/2010) [-]
you think this is bad try wacking up to an alarm clock at 100 decibals your sister put by your ear and being deaf in that ear for the day and peeing your pants because you took a piece of her candy
User avatar #156 to #152 - satanisthesavior (07/08/2010) [-]
You're right. "Wacking" up to that would suck...
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