Fail Comp. Pt. 3. my third fail comp pics from failblog<br /> prt2 : /funny_pictures/589739/Fail+Comp+Pt+2/<br /> prt1 : /funny_pictures/589565/Fail fail blog comp funny
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Fail Comp. Pt. 3

In sun
to WIN
lily In Photos: June 18, 2010
A ) -STONE pristine!‘ dunner] he
confessed in 2 kHz: assexual
assaults my because paling
tempted him with x by or crisps
nice ‘nick.
allied '.
last my aim
admitting he attacks an woman
living new the or
But TAWA the -
old is appealing agai his
scilence because In e
unforced am an
him unable to make I rational
decision. Police and mug '
nick was convicted because m
overwhelming mm evidence.
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so tht how black canadians were created