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#15 - anonymous (07/07/2010) [-]
got me on every one....also heres one,

while watching a movie, holds breath in an underwater scene till they get out
#113 to #15 - armadyl **User deleted account** (07/07/2010) [-]
in do that too, i am the same with every one up there except number 2 i draw on a foggy mirror cause' i take hot showers
User avatar #43 to #15 - bandfreak (07/07/2010) [-]
when the guy in snakes on a plane said to hold your breathi did too... IT hurt!! LOL
User avatar #18 to #15 - TehDogman (07/07/2010) [-]
did you die when you watched finding nemo?
#192 to #18 - xoannatxo **User deleted account** (07/08/2010) [-]
You sir, winz the internetz
User avatar #27 to #18 - FailTroll (07/07/2010) [-]
Yes, his ghost is writting the comment for him.
holy **** the ghost of anonymous, we're screwed
#167 to #27 - MrOmnikiller **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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