How to be a pokemon master step 2. This is the second one. I wont post the third one until I know if people like the first two.<br /> Credit and skit: fun How to be a Pokemon master
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How to be a pokemon master step 2

N)/ TO BE ott
3? i-'' pokemon, its time to show it
off to your brand new rival,
They will help you stay
focused on your goals, and
everytime they mess up, you
look that much smarter,
Well, well, you must be Ash, And I see
you got a Pikachu, Too bad I already
grabbed the best pokemon, You dont
stand a chance, See ya, loser."
Just listen to that pre-
pub rage You are now
ready to go on your
journey, The path to
being a pokemon
master can be lonely at
For that reason, you will want to build a
team to accompany you on your quest,
To be continued,
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