You might be a 12 year old if Pt. 2. Here's part 2. Enjoy!<br /> Link to Part 1: /funny_pictures/582496/You+might+be+a+12+year+old+if/. 10. You sttill use funny Stupid kids countdown origional content Bacon
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You might be a 12 year old if Pt. 2

10. You sttill use gel To spike your' hairs
9. You and o friend switch names when the sub tales attendance
8. You think that your' braces ore o waste of
T You don' t have shaving creole or deodorant in your' bathroom
6. You don' t pay for your' own fucking video gomes (only "' of course)
5 You' re afraid To kiss the opposite sex
4. You think limebro is the dumbest Thing ever (it is, nobody ogres what X equius)
3. You think that you' re than your' parents
2. You know the correc: T login so that you can play genres on your' school' s computers
1. You ore obsessed with your' cell phone and Toke pride in hogging about ... and
your' friends ore completely jealous
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