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Bricks Will Be Shat 15 16 17 18 19

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Bricks Will Be Shat Compilation
Part 15
A weird one...
Coffins used to Be Built with holes in them, attached to six feet of copper tubing and a Bell. The tubing would allow air for
Vic ms Buried under the mistaken impro sion they were dead. In a certain small town Harold, the local gravedigger, upon
hearing a Bell one night, went to go see if it was children pretending to Be spirits. Sometimes it was also the wind. This time,
it wasn' t either. A voice from Below Begged and pleaded to Be unburied.
Are you Sarah ' Bannon?" Harold asked.
Yes!" The muffled voice asserted.
You were born on September 17, 1827?"
The gravestone here says you died on February 20, 1857."
No, I' m alive, it was a mistake! Dig me up, set me free!"
Sorry about this, ma' am," Harold said, stepping on the Bell to silence it and plugging up the copper tube with dirt. "But this
is August. Whatever you are down there, you sure as hell ain' t alive no more, and you ain' t comin' up."
Part 16
Not Really Scary But REALLY weird.
During the summer of 1983, in a quiet town near Minneapolis, Minnesota, the charred Body of a woman was found inside the
kitchen stove of a small farmhouse. A video camera was also found in the kitchen, standing on a tripod and pointing at the oven.
No tape was found inside the camera at the time.
Although the scene was originally labeled as a homicide by police, an unmarked VHS tape was later discovered at the Bottom of
the farm' s well (which had apparently dried up earlier that year).
Despite its worn condition, and the tact that it contained no audio, police were still able to view the contents of the tape. It
depicted a woman recording herself in front of a video camera (seemingly using the same camera the police found in the
kitchen). After posi inning the camera to include Both her and her kitchen stove in the image, the tape then showed her turning
on the oven, opening the door, crawling inside, and then closing the door Behind her. Eight minutes into the video, the oven
could Be seen shaking violently, after which point thick Black smoke could Be seen eman ing from it. For the remaining 45
minutes of video, until the Batteries in the camera died, it remained in its stationary posi on.
To avoid disturbing the local community, police never released any information about the tape, or even the tact that it was found.
Police were also not able to determine who put the tape in the well, or why the height and stature of the woman in the video
didn' t come close to matching the Body they' d found in the oven.
Part 17
A few years ago, a mother and father decided they needed a Break, so they wanted to head out for a night on the town. They
called their most trusted Babysitter. When the Babysitter arrived, the two children were already fast asleep in Bed. So the
got to sit around and make sure everything was okay with the children. Later that night, the Babysitter got Bored
and went to watch TV, But she couldn' t watch it downstairs Because they did not have cable downstairs (the parents didn' t want
children watching too much garbage). So, she called them and asked them if she could watch cable in the parent' s room. or
course, the parents said it was OK, But the Babysitter had one Mal request... she asked if she could cover up the angel statue
outside the bedroom window with a blanket or cloth, at the very least close the Blinds, Because it made her nervous. The phone
line was silent for a moment, and the father who was talking to the Babysitter at the time said, "..Take the children and get out of
the house... we will call the police. We do not have an angel statue."
The police found all three of the house occupants dead within three minutes of the call. No statue was found.
Part 18
True Story
During a wedding reception of a young couple the guests decided on a drunken game of hide and seek. It was decided that the
groom was "it" and he eventually found everyone But his new Bride. Eventually the man Became furious and decided it wasn' t
funny anymore and left her there. As weeks went by he accepted that she' d had second thoughts and went on with her life so he
did the same. A few years later a cleaning lady dusted off an old trunk in the attic of the Building where the reception had taken
place, out of curi sity she opened it. Inside the trunk was the rotted Body of the missing Bride who' d apparently Became locked
in the trunk she' d hid In. Whether she' d suffocated or starved was unknown, But her face was frozen in a scream and there were
huge scratches in the inside of the trunk where she had tried to get Bach to the man she loved.
Part 19
True Story
There was a couple from Texas who was planning a weekend trip across the Mexican Border for a shopping spree. At the last
minute, their canceled, so they had to Bring along their two year old son with them. They had Been across the Border
for an hour when the boy got tree and ran around the corner. The mother tried to Md him, But he was missing. The mother
found a police officer who told her to go to the gate and wait. Not really understanding the instructions, she did as she was told.
About 45 minutes later, a Mexican man approached the Border, carrying the Boy. The mother ran to him, grateful that he had
Been found. When the man realized it was the boy' s mother, he dropped him and ran. The police were waiting for him. The boy
was dead, and in the 45 minutes he was missing, he had Been cut open, all of his organs removed, and stuffed with Bags of
cocaine. The man was going to carry him across the Border as if he were asleep.
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#26 - DarkFlameZ **User deleted account**
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these are ****** up and twisted.

I'm starting to like them
#29 to #26 - Goofynewfie **User deleted account**
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(07/04/2010) [-]
who isnt but 17 almost made me **** bricks
User avatar #55 - raynedancer
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19 just pisses me off
#62 to #55 - anon id: 3f4de62b
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****** mexicans
#64 to #62 - twofaced **User deleted account**
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(07/24/2010) [-]
oh mexican you so crazy!
User avatar #6 - ihavenoname
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(07/03/2010) [-]
someone explain the first one to me please
#8 to #6 - anon id: c383152e
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(07/03/2010) [-]
If they buried her in Febuary and she's just now ringing the bell in August, 6 months since she was buried, there's no way she couldve lived 6 months in a coffin underground.
User avatar #9 to #8 - ihavenoname
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(07/03/2010) [-]
ohh thanks
#10 to #9 - anon id: c383152e
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(07/03/2010) [-]
User avatar #11 to #10 - ihavenoname
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hmmm thats always gonna be a question, i wonder if its the same anon
#17 to #11 - anon id: ac8c4d7d
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(07/03/2010) [-]
of course it is...your a faggot
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#24 to #19 - cacoppedge **User deleted account**
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(07/04/2010) [-]
*grabs popcorn* continue 0.0
User avatar #48 - NutHut
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(07/04/2010) [-]
It was the weeping angels of course.
#60 to #48 - PhotoJunkie **User deleted account**
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(07/04/2010) [-]
dont blink NutHut!! for the love of god dont blink! or else they will **** you up o_O
#49 to #48 - Anonxinxyourxface
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(07/04/2010) [-]
Don't even blink!
#22 - Amatory **User deleted account**
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(07/04/2010) [-]
As far as the oven goes: the tape could have been of another woman doing the same thing earlier, and the one they found was a copycat...
User avatar #20 - mememantis
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(07/03/2010) [-]
**mememantis rolls 200,555,231** Last one is true and crazy as ****, what people do for cocaine
#23 to #20 - cacoppedge **User deleted account**
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(07/04/2010) [-]
dubs and trips, nice
User avatar #25 to #23 - mememantis
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**mememantis rolls 622,135,747** yea but it aint red till them nines be showin
#13 - Mashyuu **User deleted account**
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(07/03/2010) [-]
It's not funny. I don't mean to be a kill here, but I find this sick and greatly disturbing.
User avatar #27 to #13 - RagingNinja
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(07/04/2010) [-]
Thats whats so funny about it
#50 to #27 - Mashyuu **User deleted account**
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(07/04/2010) [-]
Well I apologize if I don't have the same sense of humor as 4chan.
#2 - Cajape **User deleted account**
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(07/03/2010) [-]
That last one is REALLY sad! :,(
#1 - anon id: d97a69bc
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(07/03/2010) [-]
#3 to #1 - misterflores **User deleted account**
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(07/03/2010) [-]
that was sad those real ones but interesting
#31 - nomz **User deleted account**
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(07/04/2010) [-]
17 0_0

i shall not sleep

19 is ****** up i feel srry for the mom