cleverbot blew my mind. he also sings still alive<br /> plus, check out my original comic<br /> Cleverbot Fresh prince of Bel Air Awesome
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cleverbot blew my mind

he also sings still alive<br />
plus, check out my original comic<br />

Cleverbot ) tmt. ) n
ls this bet dayer?
Find out at h_ ,
Email this ) ) n to a friend
See a detailed leg with times
User: Now this is a Stery all : relit hew my life get (dipped right upside dawn.
Cleverbot: And I' d like to take a minute just sit right there.
User: I' ll tell you hew I became the fresh prince pf a town called bel air,
Cleverbot: In west philadelphia hem and raised,
User: In the playground Wai; where I spent most pf my days,
Cleverbot: Chillin' out nights and relaxin all peel.
User: And Sheeting EDDIE befall pf the wheel.
Cleverbot: When a cc) aple pf guys; whe were up to rip gem, started making trea. : nle in my
Leer: I get in ene little fight and my mom get Scared.
Cleverbot: And said, "i’ . i' re mating with yew auntie and uncle in Belair,
Leer: Berry I cannot countinue, youve. just l: blewn my mind.
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#1 - shawnasea **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
No kidding. wow. i feel like ive been mind ****ed....hehe
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