Yoda Pug. .. omg this is so gay Yoda Dogs
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#8 - anonymous (02/18/2009) [-]
omg this is so gay
#7 - anonymous (04/17/2008) [+] (1 reply)
yay seven my lucky number! ok is this starwars or startrek?? jw can some geek tell me?? lol
#6 - anonymous (04/15/2008) [-]
i love star wars!! it is awesome!! but dressing up pets is srange
#5 - anonymous (04/15/2008) [-]
he is so cute you should find even cuter outfits!
#4 - anonymous (04/15/2008) [-]
this is at least the 13,486,993 animal costume that isnt funny ive seen on this misused website
#3 - anonymous (04/15/2008) [-]
Well come on how lame do you have to be to watch that crap? Srsly those fans are mentally retarded, the ones who go to conventions
#2 - anonymous (04/14/2008) [-]
How can you say that? Have you ever watched any of the shows or movies? There's a big difference! They're both awesome but different!
#1 - anonymous (04/14/2008) [-]
Aww... the puppys cute! (Someones a star wars freak) it is star wars isn't it?? Or is it star trek?? I dunno they're both the same to me
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