Toonami is back!.<br /> EDIT 3: New Toonami Aftermath commercial: /youtube/45164/Toonami+Aftermath+Commercial/<br /> Toonami i its over ninethousand
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Toonami is back!

Toonami is back!.<br /> EDIT 3: New Toonami Aftermath commercial: /youtube/45164/Toonami+Aftermath+Commercial/<br /> Toonami i<br />
EDIT 3: New Toonami Aftermath commercial: /youtube/45164/Toonami+Aftermath+Commercial/<br />
Toonami is back! Due to online petitions and other various means (hired ninjas) a website has been created that streams our favorite old shows 24/7 with commercials. It also has a chat bar along side so that the audience can talk about what they are seeing. This is seriously ******* awesome. I'm talking shows like the original Pokemon, Dragonball, DBZ, Gundum Wing, Samurai Jack, Dextor's Lab, ED EDD n' EDDY, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Yu Yu Hakusho, ******* Ziods, and more! At the same time avoiding all the crap shows that are on today! Spread the word, more must know!<br />
EDIT: Just realized Mondo's name is in the comments in the picture -.- God, even when he's not trying he's in stuff on FJ. FML<br />
EDIT 2: To all the haters thinking I am doing this to get thumbs, thumb me down. There are more people that are thrilled about this than are annoyed by my comments. And even if I made only one person happy, it would be worth it. Feels good man.

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