Listen Up DSend and funnyjunk. Dsend get you and your ego out of this site<br /> Guys We need to get this to the front.. everyone thumb this down
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Listen Up DSend and funnyjunk

Dsend get you and your ego out of this site<br />
Guys We need to get this to the front

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Submitted: 07/02/2010
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User avatar #838 - rockerdanny (08/06/2010) [-]
we crashed and now we got sent back in time
User avatar #839 to #838 - lilRican (08/07/2010) [-]
yea i know so that means this content doesnt exist until two
#837 - nofighting **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#835 - TrollOfAmerica **User deleted account** (07/05/2010) [-]
This is the first time i ever trolled (Surprise) but this picture is FAKE AND GEAH YOU need to get out of this sight
#834 - anonymous (07/05/2010) [-]
i remember when this site was yellow or something...maybe i dont remember then...but i know it was a boring color
#832 - Retardation **User deleted account** (07/04/2010) [-]
no, we don't need to get this to the front, thumbwhore . stop being a little bitch, fj will not close down, you ******* ******** .
User avatar #819 - neroblack (07/03/2010) [-]
its not funny, but i dont ******* care!
Des is good guy, so what if he didnt do what he promised
at least he tries!
if you dont like it, go to funnymad
#818 - anonymous (07/03/2010) [-]
Site is fine, since it isn't gonna close. Dsend should gtfo though.
#814 - misterTOAST **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
this rant is short. That's how rants should be.
#810 - theguybelowmeisgay **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
this is the owl that gives a ****

[O.o] - hello.
#807 - SirJohnson **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
alot of ppl like d-send but he shouldnt of done what he did.
User avatar #800 - Gotta Be KD (07/03/2010) [-]
**** all this ******** , I didnt come here to read about this ******* opinion
#815 to #800 - anonymous (07/03/2010) [-]
Your implying that you ******* on this, and are now crying about it?
#812 to #800 - Jann **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
User avatar #798 - leightonsolomon (07/03/2010) [-]
Dsend may have been that but the designer left the site after someone trolled him. WTF the desginer acts like a ******* child sometimes.
User avatar #796 - AwesomePuff (07/03/2010) [-]
without reading it i can tell that your just another whiney fag
#795 - HALninethousand **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
You drew a character of yourself to add to the post. I think you're a rejected Dsend fanboy who wants to destroy him because if you can't have him nobody can. Am I right? I know I am.
#794 - Vitale **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
how did dsend get thedesigner to leave
#792 - anonymous (07/03/2010) [-]
Hey theres always [url deleted]
User avatar #789 - xXskaterXbabeXx (07/03/2010) [-]
this is ******* ******** ! what the hell happened to that website that was all about funny things?!? now its all abount ranting and complaining! jesus, maybe it was the dsends fault, or maybe it was thedesigners, but honestly, who gives a **** if the website shuts down?!?!? its not like theres funny stuff
anymore. its all about hating justin bieber or movies now. maybe we need to stop this, but we wont because half of fj wont get on their asses and post funny stuff! sure, the sharpie markered cars are cool, but we dont need to post them, cuz this FUNNYjunk, not COOLjunk. people have said this, but nobody listens. ever. so congrats all you ******** who started this whole mess by your ranting, which made more rants, you guys killed fj.
User avatar #831 to #789 - TheBaTMoNsTeR (07/03/2010) [-]
its called cancer, /b/ has it, now fj has it
#790 to #789 - anonymous (07/03/2010) [-]
i agree 100%, i miss the old fj when **** was actually FUNNY
User avatar #787 - LemonsAndLimes (07/03/2010) [-]
Okay im lost. why the hell did dsend tell thedesigner to leave and WHY THE HELL did he listen?! god this site is getting to have as much drama as the degrassi high school and the secret life put together...this site is for FUNNY JUNK NOT A BUCH OF EGOTISTIC ***** ASS BITCHES STARTING DRAMA.
User avatar #786 - GregTV (07/03/2010) [-]
Dsend can go suck a dick

but the site is not going to get closed.
#783 - ChevyBoy **User deleted account** (07/03/2010) [-]
DSend is a douche...'nuff said.
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