gross boobs. Im pretty sure thats not a nozzle on that one chick's boob. I think its just part of her bra
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gross boobs

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Submitted: 07/01/2010
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#18 - Womens Study Major (07/01/2010) [-]
Im pretty sure thats not a nozzle on that one chick's boob. I think its just part of her bra
User avatar #11 - PeaceLoveEmpathy (07/01/2010) [-]
Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan
are so unbelievably gorgeous
therefore i hate them.
User avatar #16 - SetTheSkyAblaze (07/01/2010) [+] (1 reply)
I disagree with 2 of the photos here. The one of Victoria Beckham and the blonde in the bikini.
#9 - Mita **User deleted account** (07/01/2010) [+] (1 reply)
.... so what boobs are acceptable?
#4 - LoKiisDead **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (3 replies)
#12 to #4 - Blants (07/01/2010) [-]
Hey, quality control is a good thing
User avatar #2 - HolyArachnid (07/01/2010) [+] (1 reply)
"...most often attributed to a combination of *fast food* and World of Warcraft..." get moobs from Mooby's?
User avatar #22 - lividplatypus (07/01/2010) [-]
For the drifter and uniboob ones, i just looked down, cupped my boobs and said "WHAT?! HOW?!??!!"
#21 - Womens Study Major (07/01/2010) [-]
Huge boobs are gross.
#19 - Womens Study Major (07/01/2010) [-]
**** man, who's the babe in blue with the nips?
that's hot.
User avatar #17 - wytewrapper (07/01/2010) [-]
Makes me happy with mynormal B's
User avatar #15 - ofireballx (07/01/2010) [-]
maby if half of them wernt shoped
User avatar #14 - ManTheHarpoons (07/01/2010) [-]
i agree with all of them except that last one. they were hot. just putting this out there.
#10 - pedosoraptor **User deleted account** (07/01/2010) [-]
i liked the first boobs...but then i saw her face ugh
User avatar #8 - omniwolf (07/01/2010) [-]
Boobs, a personal Airbag
#7 - kyoxmuffin **User deleted account** (07/01/2010) [-]
It doesn't matter if Posh Spice has "gross boobs" because she is STILL hot and has better boobs than anyone on there.
#5 - Womens Study Major (07/01/2010) [-]
#1 - HoneyHaley **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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