Hello I'm Troy Mcclure, and know me from. Every movie Troy McClure says that he has played in.. Hi, I' m Troy McClure! You might remember me from..... Hitler Do
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Hello I'm Troy Mcclure, and know me from

Every movie Troy McClure says that he has played in.

Hi, I' m Troy McClure! You might remember me from.....
Hitler Doesn' t Live Here " "Let' s Save Tony Orlando 's House"
An American in Toronto" "Out With Gout '88"
It' s at Wonderful Belt" " Public Television Telethon"
Asta' : " ''I Can' t Believe They Invented It!"
Darling Beefeater" "Christmas Ape"
Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp"
Yuma: It' s Senioritis"
Stop the Planet ofthe Apes: Iwant To Get GE!"
Smother Me In Shreveport" ""
Living; . Findng and Lubbock" "THERE"
Duluth, MI Grow On You" "Troy and Company' s Summertime Smile Factory"
Suddenly Tulsa" "Buck Henderson, Union Buster"
Freemoney: Gateway to Wichita" "Handel With Kare"
Fairbanks Needs Women" "Son of Sanford and Son"
I Left My Soul In Sacramento" "After Mannis "
Tender I Newark"
Hats Off To Fargo"
Pinch Me, I' m In Boise"
Troy McClure 's Soul Machine"
Barnum - The Anima ted Series"
The Adventures of Achieve s"
HELLO, I' m may remember me from such ads as w/ hulc and
Nova AIC, Pwr Str. Seeking Archeologist. FEES "
Troy McClure 's TV Career Turning Ytterp: ' s Chair or Elephant Graveyard')
Here Comes the Coast Guard"
Preacher With a Shovel"
The Revenge of Abe Lincoln"
The wackiest Covered wagon in the West"
Calling All Quakers"
Gladys The Groovy Mule"
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die"
Dial M for Ponderousness"
The Erotic Adventures of Hercules"
is for Psycho"
The President' s Neck is Missing!"
The *********** of Rulership "
Hydro, the Man With the Hydraulic Arms"
Goodanime Slim, Uncle Bowie, and the Great Trista, Freakiest"
Muppets Go Medieval "
The Greatest Story Ever Hulaed"
They Came to Bugle Carnegie Hall"
Meet Joe Blow"
Give My Remains to Broadway"
The Verdict Was Mail Fraud"
leper in the Battfield"
King of Montana"
The Electric Gigolo"
The Contributors of Professor Horatio . dnegel"
David Vs. "
Suddenly Last Supper"
Space Mutants we Cry ofthe Space Mutant"
The Itchy E: Scratchy Margie" (hit part)
Jagged Attraction"
Look Who' s Still thiking . "
Three Men And A Nuke"
Ten Was Too Many"
The Computer wore Elia Shells"
The Frontier Fannie y Get Deer Ticks"
The Mediocre Journey"
A Fish Taco Called Juanita" (iaith Cheech Marin!)
Human Fondue - Surviving the Wisconsin Dell' s Cheese Factory Explo
All the President' s Monkeys"
Android Beach Party"
Back to the Sequel"
Butter -- The Motion Picture"
The Cougar and the Polka King"
Cut it Out -- The Wacky Adventures of Jack the Ripper"
Dracula' s Fifty Gore"
Three Dames And a Dam" (197- with Nancy Robertson)
Calling All Lumberjacks"
The Day Paul Bunyan Cried"
Radioactive Man Ill"
The Pulverizer"
Radioactive Man II: Bring On The Sequel"
Sleepless in Shelbyville"
The Unbearable Moistness of Sweating"
Coffee, Tea, or Fiddle Dee Dee"
Eenie Meeni Ming, Die"
A Bridge Too Far" (as Todd, the worlds unluckiest dentist)
Three Men and a Bunsen Burner" (as the doomed Professor )
wake Up, Finnegan" (as Paddy the "plent/ less fullbringer)
Miss American Girl Pageant"
Carnival ofthe Stars"
Alien Nose Job"
Five Fabulous Weeks of the Chevy Chase Show"
The Episode Spectacular"
The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"
Troy McClure 's Aloha from Louie' s House of Shaved Ice"
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Submitted: 06/29/2010
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#1 - MofoCollier (06/29/2010) [+] (7 replies)
Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Captian Zap Branigan from Futurama
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