Our Thoughts Part 2. This will probably be my last one, but I can make more if you guys want me too. Heres part 1:<br /> funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/5571 our thoughts

Our Thoughts Part 2

This will probably be my last one, but I can make more if you guys want me too. Heres part 1:<br />

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These thoughts have gone through your mind at least once in your life.
There is lit! worse _ than that ‘re sure full are going in ale atter leaning
yolla eclair bath a lime loo Jfri
I like all you realsie a wrry i Tunes, except when it' s on shate, then I like about olle a every
mull songs ill ral_ y itunes.
I keep some people is phone nummbers in Ill]? phoneless so I lenora not lo allover when lull.
LOL has meriting, "laugh. out mull " to "I have nothing else lo only ".
I think ever_ yorke has a movie that love so , ft murmur lo it with.
other people. I ‘ll emt up wasting All strinnity giggleing lo that everyoine is
caughing at the rightwards, then halalling sure I a tittie on harder (amt a
earlier) lo prove that I 'm still like oniy one who really, really gets it
bullpen irr hereto tavo private investigators each. other?
allure titten luau not when someone is telling me a surly all I earl think about is earl 'twatt
Jerr them lo so thate earl lull my own samy that' s not only better, out also more
involves me.
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#3 - SlopmasterJay **User deleted account** (06/29/2010) [-]
they probably would. but the rest makes sense because its some things that i actually do lol!
User avatar #2 - HollieeNinja (06/29/2010) [-]
So true. (:
Except, at the private investigators... Wouldn't they just find eachother?
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