Little Things. EDIT: Now uploaded, Pt. 2. CHECK IT OUT!<br /> /funny_pictures/561550/Little+Things+Pt+2/. 10 Little Things That Melee Vou Feel Litre Capta Little things fuck yea Pokemon
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Little Things

10 Little Things That Melee Vou Feel Litre
Captain of the Universe
o Turning to the exact page yeah looking for in a book,
2) Arriving at a destination at the time you said youll arrive.
a) Finishing m your fries, then finding more in the taige bag.
a) Getting that stuffed animal from the claw machine an the first try.
s) Waking m a minute before your alarm and feeling awake.
s) Pulling exact change out of your pocket.
T) Well 2* Rolling doubles and getting to cut of Justin Beiber' s head.
ts) Singing a sang, only for it to come an the radio next.
9) Having your girlfriend call you from her trip the moment you start to
miss her.
10) Catching Evades after poisoning, confusing, and putting it to sleep in a
battle an its last bit of health with a Flake’ Ball.
And to all of these, you may proudly embody this man...
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