Staredad Compliation Part 5!. part1:<br /> /funny_pictures/548189/Staredad+Compliation+Part+1/<br /> part2:<br /> /funny_pictures/550052/Stare Staredad Compliation Part 5! part1:<br /> /funny_pictures/548189/Staredad+Compliation+Part+1/<br part2:<br /funny_pictures/550052/Stare
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Staredad Compliation Part 5!

well guys, this may be the last
comp. this one is all ones users
have sent to me themselves. i cant
find anymore. so lets go out with a
bang. this page will be an open
thumbs party.
hey dad! yo
wanna p y?
Al Gore was
I' m here where
are you my
sweet little
11 year" aid.
well guys, I appreciate all the great feedback on the
other comps, couldnt have done it without you. so as
a thank you i give you this...
please allow this page to be an open thumbs party.
anyone that comments will be thumbed up by me
except trolls and people posting links). in order tor
there to be another comp i need at least 6
staredads. so it you have one i havnt used, please
sent them in!
Views: 39441 Submitted: 06/26/2010