Parenting fail. Well it pretty much explains itself... way to go mom.... dad?? what are you??.. are u sure thatsa mom? funny Parents parent fail kids Kid

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#5 - sylphz **User deleted account** (06/26/2010) [+] (5 replies)
are u sure thatsa mom?
#4 - anonymous (06/26/2010) [-]
move bitch im trying to watch the game!!!
User avatar #3 - Moobys (06/26/2010) [-]
wow look at that beautiful lampshade
#2 - REPOSTXPOLICE **User deleted account** (06/26/2010) [-]
HA HA HA there is a little girl in the back round she will be a stripper yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa
#1 - anonymous (06/26/2010) [-]
dont you mean parenting win?
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