oprah rigs votes against zach anner. oprah rigs votes against zach anner<br /> thumb up for exposure<br /> . Sup /b/, Oprah is giving away a talk sh oprah rigs votes against Zach anner
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oprah rigs votes against zach anner

oprah rigs votes against zach anner<br />
thumb up for exposure<br />
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Sup /b/, Oprah is giving away a talk show
to someone who really wants it.
This ******* badass called Zach has Cerebral
Palsy ( ) and he' s easily the funniest
entry (some of the other entries have like
1 million votes, god forbid there' s any more
generic ******** in this world).
Anyway, this kid needs to win, seriously.
Vote here, no signing up:
http:// myown. oprah. com/ audition/ index. html? request
avideo_ details& response_ & promo_ “
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#1 - IAmZeeCandyMan (06/22/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Put the link in the description and I'll do it.
User avatar #5 - apchabraja (06/22/2010) [-]
why did you adress us as /b/?
#8 - nuciferatu (10/02/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Yeah, keep calling FJ /b/ and keep posting **** under misleading titles. That'll get you ALL the thumbs. the red ones
#7 - nuciferatu has deleted their comment [-]
#6 - VoteZachAnner **User deleted account** (06/23/2010) [-]

Heeeey, let's try and get this pic to the front page.
The more people that see it, the more votes Zach gets.

User avatar #4 - wfddfw (06/22/2010) [-]
easily made my day. I feel bad for him though. ): I hope he wins the show.
#3 - ninjazombie **User deleted account** (06/22/2010) [-]
i feel bad he has to have cerebral palsy. hes awesome :D
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