You decide. Well?<br /> uys, there' s a lot of talk on whos fault the spill is, Amaerican' s or the Br
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You decide

uys, there' s a lot of
talk on whos fault the
spill is, Amaerican' s or
the British' s fault.
So leave comments
on who you think is
to blame
But I asure you, this is
not ' s fault!
Now as you can
see, I have to get
thought it was
chocolate milk
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Submitted: 06/20/2010
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User avatar #127 - WolfRider (06/21/2010) [+] (7 replies)
simpsons did it
#147 - sentientmonkey **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [+] (4 replies)
Times have changed,
The spill is getting worse,
All the fish are dying,
And the shore's turning perverse,
Should we blame America?
Or blame it on the sea?
Or should we blame the oil company?
No, blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
User avatar #170 - suprdude (06/21/2010) [-]
What the governent didnt tell you is, the fish were tired of the ocean and their lives. They hired the sharks to brake the pipes so they could swim through them and into a lake or freshwater.
#45 - AboutToCombust **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [-]
I blame the plants and animals that died and made the oil
#67 - marteboi (06/21/2010) [+] (2 replies)
According to the press it's Obamas fault..... teh **** ?
thats like blaming the ceo of wall mart because Irving's cashier got your change wrong
#233 - lawrenceguitars (06/21/2010) [-]
america and britain are just pieces of land, how the **** is it their fault? it was a human fault, whether the people to blame were british or american doesnt matter. the point is its BP's mess and its their job to clean it up and give compensation.
User avatar #190 - Hagenite (06/21/2010) [+] (2 replies)
How can you blame someone for a pipe bursting? All you're trying to do is incite hate, and whore thumbs. Your other comics were amusing, but this is ******** . People shouldn't be blaming others right now; they should be trying to fix this problem. They can place blames after for whoever didn't do his or her job correctly to fix this.
User avatar #193 to #190 - mrspookyrules (06/21/2010) [-]
1. The pipe was not being properly monitored as it should have been. Not to mention an insane amount of pressure being put on it.
2. BP was slow into action when the pipe burst and by the time they got on it it was to late.
3. About a week before the pipe burst an engineer warned that the pipe was in danger. He was ignored
^That is how you can blame someone.
#278 - IAmHitler **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I blame the jews...
#91 - cmmreborn **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [+] (1 reply)
So gentlemen, how can we blame this on the jews.....?
#1 - KINGOFTHESTARS **User deleted account** (06/20/2010) [+] (14 replies)
do we have to thumb it?
but anyways its britain
we have already covered it in the news
britain lied to us and told us(america)
that the materials they used were durable
they lied so its their fault
im still pissed how somehow they blamed it on barrak...
i think its becuse hes half black...
User avatar #11 to #1 - GBDurrary (06/21/2010) [-]
You want to know something. The reason BP is called BP and not British Petroleum, is because it merged with an American company or two. So only about 40% of the company has any connection to Britain now so calling it British Petroleum is illogical.

Secondly, the people in charge of the platform would have been localised, in that they would have been American workers who made the mistakes that led to the problems.

Thirdly, it should have been handled better by Obama. He has been so preoccupied with the money that he hasn't sorted the actual problem out. If America wasn't being so greedy about it all, and sorted out the problem first it would be much better. I mean, it's not like you have a history of sorting things out. e.g New Orleans.
User avatar #318 - Omegawolf (06/21/2010) [-]
it was france's fault
User avatar #112 - MoonOnAMish (06/21/2010) [+] (1 reply)
As many of you know, the explosion was caused by a methane bubble rising and pushing up then eventually BOOM. so why did it try to escape...
obviously some idiot played a justin bieber CD too close to it and in a desperate hope for freedom from the agoney of it, it decided to make a mad explosion...
so it was the person who played the CD right? NOOO... it was justin biebers fault for having no talent at all and being just a squeaky bastard ******** ...
you guys understand now? :)
User avatar #77 - funnyjunkjokester (06/21/2010) [-]
I gotta blame the ******* ocean on this one. If the ocean wasn't there in the first place, then the oil wouldn't have polluted it. GOD DAMN YOU OCEAN, WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST GET OUT OF THE OIL'S WAY?!
User avatar #47 - emoboirules (06/21/2010) [+] (3 replies)
I blame /b/
#26 - MrSquiggly **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Japanese told me it was dolphin and whale.
User avatar #182 - Loppytaffy (06/21/2010) [+] (8 replies)
i blame Canada- it has to make up for giving the world justin bieber
#183 to #182 - CursedCrusader **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [-]
hey its our way of saying **** you for miley cyrus and the jonas brothers
User avatar #163 - Obscurity (06/21/2010) [-]
I blame /b/
#158 - CaptainWow **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [-]
If we just cover it with a napkin and go to a different table, the Manager will clean it up and we can get our meal half price.
#63 - xxxsonic fanxxx (06/21/2010) [+] (1 reply)
the americans are to blame cos if they did'nt need so much ******* oil the rig would'nt have been there!!!!
#66 to #63 - xxxsonic fanxxx (06/21/2010) [-]
and it hasn't been called british petrolem for about 30 yrs
#10 - Amorok **User deleted account** (06/21/2010) [+] (4 replies)
Terrorist Narwhals!!
forget about the Taliban, there's Narwhal's now!!
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