ANTI JOKES. Thumb if you liked <br /> PART TWO: /funny_pictures/534820/ANTI+JOKES+II/<br /> PART THREE: /funny_pictures/535598/ANTI+JOKES+III/<br jokes anti anti jokes the a to and funny original Not comic Bacon andre HAY is Gay
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super effective against regular jokes)
2. A Mexican finds a magic lamp, He rubs the lamp, and a genie comes out,
saying “I will grant you three wishes," The Mexican is overjoyed, In a rush,
he says "I want potato!" "Your wish is granted!" says the genie,
and the Mexican finds himself holding a potato.
What is your next wish?" says the genie. "I wish you go away, so I enjoy potato," So the genie leaves.
Also, that was the only magic lamp that Mexican ever found.
4, Whats worse than biting into an apple and seeing a whole worm?
Getting raped.
We got HEAPS more where that came from :D
it thumbs for MOAR d,
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