PLEASE READ, FunnyJunkies. /> That is the link to his audition tape. Look the kid up.<br /> <br /> EDIT: Thank you FunnyJunk for giving Zach the
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PLEASE READ, FunnyJunkies

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That is the link to his audition tape. Look the kid up.<br />
<br />...more »

You need to login to view this link />
That is the link to his audition tape. Look the kid up.<br />
<br />
EDIT: Thank you FunnyJunk for giving Zach the attention he deserves. Remember to vote!

A from Austin, Texas with Cerebral Palsy
In the video, he told the world he had cerebral
in his opinion is the "sexiest of the pallys"
Cooking With Zach
But what he really wants to do is a travel show, for people
that don‘ t think that they can travel... or don' t have the courage to.
2332759 l
D PH ©
He has the top number of votes in the entire contest!
John Mayer said that if Zach Anner won, he would write
and record the theme song.
Tb Zach Armor
LET' S HIM 'nyjunk
This kid is ******* awesome, and absolutely hilarious
I put the link to his video in the description... so go on there
runny runny runny runny runny runny Funny Funny Funny
I promise that if he wins, I' ll delete this post so that I wont get the
thumbs for it.
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Submitted: 06/17/2010
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#138 - Fernas **User deleted account** (06/18/2010) [-]
He certainly got my vote, he's epic
#134 - cynicalcharlatan (06/18/2010) [-]
dont vote for him because he has cerebral palsy it is kind of a self defeating cause. vote for him because you genuinely want him to win
User avatar #133 - swiftarrow (06/18/2010) [-]
Voted :3
User avatar #132 - OhReally (06/18/2010) [-]
damn....when he's bent over like that, I just wanna **** him in the ass, even though I'm straight
#142 to #132 - YOUSILLYGOOSE (06/19/2010) [-]
User avatar #130 - ChesterCheetah (06/18/2010) [-]
yeah right you fag you'll keep em all yo son of a bitch
#128 - Rocktopuss **User deleted account** (06/18/2010) [-]
User avatar #126 - doyoulikewaffles (06/18/2010) [-]
i voted.....this man is amazing...
User avatar #125 - TarnRazor (06/18/2010) [-]
Thumbs up and don't delete this picture, you deserve the thumbs for making the effort!
User avatar #124 - Coolinbny (06/18/2010) [-]
"This isn't yoga, i'm just putting my pants on."
#123 - DarkLordOfCorn **User deleted account** (06/18/2010) [-]
i wish i could meet him in person
#118 - ClearDiamond **User deleted account** (06/18/2010) [-]
Awesome I voted for him hes amazing
#117 - DakotaRaelin **User deleted account** (06/18/2010) [-]
This guy will get it big time!
User avatar #116 - BornToBeAWESOME (06/18/2010) [-]
Wait, he got 4CHAN to help him?!?! He must be God... wait, most of them don't believe in god....

He must be related to Chuck Norris!
#131 to #116 - Bdman (06/18/2010) [-]
lawl chuck norris has cerebral palsy? xD
User avatar #136 to #131 - BornToBeAWESOME (06/18/2010) [-]
No, when Chuck Norris ***** a woman, he ***** her so hard it doesn't only hurt her, it cripples the child. Still has his awesome gene though.
#113 - Patchers (06/18/2010) [-]
Josh Blue is the funniest guy with cerebral palsy ever.
#111 - anonymous (06/18/2010) [-]
no atlantis is to underwater...............and fictional
User avatar #110 - EpicSauce (06/18/2010) [-]
lol he has a DERP face .. sorry i had to say it ... but he is cool!
User avatar #109 - turro (06/18/2010) [-]
this man is epic
#107 - paigearyana **User deleted account** (06/18/2010) [-]
i need about 5 guido's and a snookie to help me pick him up and run with him. :)
User avatar #106 - classicvictory (06/18/2010) [-]
but if we vote for him we would be working with 4chan
User avatar #105 - FoolishFool (06/18/2010) [-]
I believe the thumbs stay in your record even if you delete something. I deleted something, and it kept the thumbs.
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