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#208 - Ken M (06/17/2010) [-]
I am an american hippie living on the west(left) coast. so the gulf oil spill doesn't really impact me. But I refute the mistaken impression that all americans are obese; Granted many are, but I completely shatter that generality. I stand 6'1" and weigh under 170 pounds. I am pretty physically active. And I have the intent 2 visit Europe and getting on contact with my European ancestry!

User avatar #241 to #208 - Hagenite (06/17/2010) [-]
I'm pretty sure Europe has a higher percentage of obesity than America, but still you shouldn't call someone fat on the internet unless you know they're fat.
#218 to #208 - millaboy (06/17/2010) [-]
oh thanks for that explanation if it was not for you letting me and everyone else know that the west coast is on the left side of the east coast we would have never known. we all owe you our thumbs
#247 to #218 - ChronicM **User deleted account** (06/17/2010) [-]
You'd be surprised how many people don't actually know that.
#214 to #208 - Ken M (06/17/2010) [-]
dumb hippies
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