Evil Princess Jasmine. I know its gay but i thought it was awsome.. If you know it is gay, then why do you also think it is awesome? jasmine Evil

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User avatar #1 - Cainamogel (06/15/2010) [+] (5 replies)
If you know it is gay, then why do you also think it is awesome?
User avatar #2 to #1 - xXSgtCruzXx (06/15/2010) [-]
Because i think it awsome for other people
#10 - anonymous (06/03/2011) [-]
bit(hes ,
so jonathan brandis was alive allalong
now , in honer to (elibrate lets
*uses his song*
party like a ( ;
#8 - anonymous (04/26/2011) [-]
hey yalls have you seen princess jasmines twin sister in the series
mozenrath (; she is a chick i insist . i guess its the make up that m,akes her look mail sometimes . lol any way you sholld see her more formal costume
its like a medum with skirt pattoned with red black and white vertical
stripes and a red vershion to jasmines blue shoulder out top
put that together with the fact that
mezzey y l whips look better than jasmines and that is GREAT
#7 - blindruler (06/16/2010) [-]
seince wen did razja become a saber tooth?
or was he like that before?
either way epic
#6 - zackawsome **User deleted account** (06/16/2010) [-]
dannanananana lolz
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