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Email from an Asshole (5)

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Original ad:
summer nanny/ babysitter needed! l
must watch and entertain kids during the summer. there are ten kids, ages 7 to
9. preferrably looking fer a school teacher off fer the summer to teach the
kids and provide fun activities.
I am Staff Sgt. Mike Partook and I am on a six month leave. I have nothing to do
back in the states, and watching your kids sounds like fun. I love kids. I have
plenty of activities for them and as sure you they will always be kept busy. Let me
know if you are interested and we can dis cuss pay.
SSS Partook
From Thoma to
Mr. Partook,
Thanks for responding! I am interested. Do you have any previous experience
with kids? What kind of activities would you do? I am looking for something fun
and eructation's, and some sports for the boys.
D mm
From Mike Partook to Thoma
I have lots of experience with kids from my time in the Middle East. I can teach
my expertise to your kids through fun games and activities. I can teach them
basic weapons training, close quarters combat, explosive ordinance disposal, and
combat. They will have a blast! I will provide the firearms but I
would prefer if you pay for the ammunition. I can make the activities fun and
educational. Kids really seem to enjoy basic weapons training when you put it in
terms they can understand, for example, I used to teach the Middle Eastern kids
how to accurately fire an by a mo defied version of "pin the tail on the
donkey." Instead of a tail, it was a grenade, and instead of "pinning" it,
they fired it from a safe distance. I assure you that safety is my number one
concern with the kids, but also, them having fun is my top priority.
SSS Partook
From Thatta to Me
Is this a joke? Ton realize these kids are mostly 7 years old, right?
From Mike Partook to Thoma
It is never too early to teach your children these basic life skills. I am aware that
they are young and will adjust my program accordingly. We will be mostly using
the 5. , which is a great weapon for children. It is gas operated, so
the recoil is minimal, making it a perfect gun for children to use. So what were
you thinking as far as pay goes? I don' t mean to cut to the chase, but I really
need ajob.
SSS Partook
From Thoma to Me
This is absurd. I really hope you aren' t serious.
I am not interested. Thanks.
From Mike Partook to Thatta
I am sow that you are not interested. Ton may regret this if your child is ever
put in a close quarters combat situation, and doesn' t even know how to pop a
magazine in his rifle.
If you change your mind and decide you want your kids to grow up to be men,
not pussies, let me know.
SSS Partook
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#1 - xAllFallShortx **User deleted account**
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(06/14/2010) [-]
id let him babysit my kids
#2 to #1 - MrahhhImaGoose [OP] **User deleted account**
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(06/14/2010) [-]
******* right :D Id let him baby sit mine too!
User avatar #3 to #2 - wolfgrl
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(06/14/2010) [-]
hell, i'd let him babysit me!
#4 to #3 - MrahhhImaGoose [OP] **User deleted account**
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(06/14/2010) [-]